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Oh man, forgot to mention @Sam Ascher-Weiss

I never really felt confident in my ability to improvise until I jammed with Sam and @Escariot that one year at MAGfest. Best way I can describe playing onstage with Sam is that he exudes an aura of genius that makes the people around him better musicians. I'm not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that I believe Sam is one of the most brilliant musical minds ever.

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On 12/6/2018 at 4:55 PM, Cyril the Wolf said:


@prophetik music cuz he taught me a thing or two about not being too full of myself.

you'd think i'd take my own advice once and a while! =)

in terms of musical inspiration, @StarBLaSt is an artist that is incredibly inspirational to me. tracks like "airships make me happy" and "pillar of salt" just blow my mind at their creativity and uniqueness.

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(If I had a good English this would be huge)

I met this site at the time that came out the wonderful Donkey Kong Country album 2 "Serious Monkey Business" (Maybe because I live in a backward country)

I was so surprised by the quality of the song that I downloaded all the songs on the site! The songs on this site have accompanied me almost all my life, my personal soundtrack is basically on this site. I even remember my happiness when the Donkey Kong Country 3 album came out that I had been waiting for years (it was Christmas time)

All the remixers here I love them from the bottom of my heart, but if they asked me what my top 5 would be here:

1. Brandon Strader (unfortunately he is no longer here)
2. Willrock
3. Ivan Hakštok
4. Rexy
5. LuIzA / OA "Hope Fails" (Technical Draw)

I wanted to thank from the bottom of my heart all that you have done for me. One day I will buy the T-shirts or donate money to the site as a form of retribution ^^

Ps: I'm following you everywhere

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Was SUPER into OCR from maybe early 2000 until around 2006 (I think traced from McVaffe's "Liquid Mario" I downloaded on Napster...a couple years later I had a small collection of burned OCR CDs with tracklist stickers I spent more time than on my homework making), then didn't really check up on things (or even considered making my own music) until 2011, so there is a huge gap in my timeline. Honestly though, I'd have to say that very few arrangement influences came from here, in the sense of, you know, you listen to a song/album a zillion times and it becomes part of your songwriting DNA.

The true inspiration for me was knowing there was a community of people that were making good-to-great-to-amazing sounding music on their own, for free, out of love for their craft and for games. That kind of collective mindset was, and is now, very inspirational and motivational to me, and it has also helped elevate game music to a place well-deserved. If I had to pick 3 people who impressed me the most during my early years, and had me keep coming back to this site, they'd be Scott Peeples (lost to time, perhaps, but boy, still bumping C&C "Mud Mix" to this day), McVaffe (glad he's back-ish) and DJ Pretzel (duh!).

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