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Happy Birthday Extravaganza


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Top ten reasons why you shouldn't go to Bladiator's birthday party:

10 ) He'll start crying cause he's not used to having friends around.

9 ) The second you try to go to the bathroom he'll bust in yelling 'Pee fight! Pee fight!'

8 ) His only party game is 'pin your tail' on his 'donkey'.

7 ) Any kind of pop, cake, or sugary snacks will instantly make him go into a diabetic coma.

6 ) Even if his party is a sausage fest he will insist on playing spin the bottle.

5 ) Who wants to be caught partying with a 27-year-old; it just looks bad.

4 ) Despite it not being a costume party, he will be in costume.

3 ) Drunken vomit at that height ensures you'll be caught in the cross-fire.

2 ) He'll show you the Fisherman's Revelation. It's his pole. (How's that for a birthday suit?)

1 ) You won't be able to resist his ass.

Happy old day dr. old. Maybe next year someone will make the thread for you.

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