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Happy Birthday Extravaganza


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thank you all for the well wishes

yes yesterday was fun, sans me spraining my ankle but eh its pretty much healed so i guess it was more of a strain instead of a sprain

and larry, project is coming out soon. i know you iz gonna like the music

Care to explain how your ankle was sprained? You must have had a pretty damn nice time if that didn't slow things down.

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What's so special about April 8th? I just went on facebook and I saw that 6 of my friends have birthdays today :dstrbd:

nothing, because third is the best of the best cause i only know of me on that day having a birthday as well as thta other dude who turned 15 but eh

oh and whoever asked i sprained my ankle while in nature cause i was bored and i decided to go play some paintball in this park/forest thing that i live near and i sprained my ankle while chasing someone down but i still played anyways and it was good fun

also happy late bday atma hope you had fun

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