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OCR/VGM Workout Music?


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Hey OCRemixers,

I've been a long-time OC Remix...Well, lurker, I guess you'd say. Been visiting it for a while now (One of the first remixes I ever downloaded was AE's Mega Man 2 "Air Man" remix - Good stuff), and wanted to ask the whole lot of you your opinion -

I'd like to put together a good workout/running mix, and was wondering what the best "workout-friendly" mixes on the site were. Something thumpin' with a good, steady rhythm. For a comparison, I used to work out to the Wipeout 3 (Wip3out) soundtrack, which worked great. Would love some suggestions along those lines.

Opinions? Thanks so much for your time/ideas in advance, everyone!

- lordmoneyg

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Actraiser_Lord_PROTEKTOR One could say the synths are ear piercing which might have negatory feelings towards working out. But if this was playing I sure as hell would work out. One of my favorite songs.

Bionic_Commando_Bionic_Electronica I'm not really a fan of the string instruments repeating so much, but the breakdowns are nice.

Castlevania_2_Simons_Town It's mixed a bit low, but it might be good on some decent work-out speakers. Might be too melodic and crazy. Who knows.

Castlevania_2_SimonsSymphony This is actually one really decent rap song for the masses.

Castlevania_SotN_TheDevilInside_(ItaloDiscoMix) 'nuff said

Chrono_Trigger_Calamitous_Judgment BEATS plus awesomeness

Chrono_Trigger_DreamofZeal I feel like walking lots and lots and lots and lots when hearing this song. Requires no thinking and sounds good at the same time.

Chrono_Trigger_Lavos_Battle_dnBoss really nice, though a bit rapid-fire-beat-like.

Chrono_Trigger_Revival_Day_Impoetus You WILL work out to this.

Columns_MainTheme(BlueSquareMix) Sort of too melodious, but has some decent pumping parts especially when the synth melody gets the quarter notes along with the beat.

Command_and_Conquer_On_the_Prowl_Redux and

Adventure_Island_Tribal_Warfare I've heard the genres of both these two songs be called the types of song that would be in gay pornos (luckily I haven't experienced this first-hand). Useful for when there's only guys in the gym! Or not...

Dark_Cloud_LaSaiasRestingPlace niiice. Gotta have some variation.

Delta_Space_Grind YES

Diablo_WetGrass_Inspired Just a good piece of music.

Donkey_Kong_Country_2_Assembly_line_Apparitions Anything by Protricity, really.

Donkey_Kong_Country_2_BramblesInTheBreeze Protricity

Donkey_Kong_Country_2_Forest_Birdcussion Protricity

Donkey_Kong_Country_2_Mechanical_Swamp Another Protricity

Donkey_Kong_Country_2_Savage_Seduction MORE PROTRICITY

Donkey_Kong_Country_2_GhostofStHelens Very cool beats and stuff.

Donkey_Kong_Country_Blue_Vision steady beat. would be good teamed up right next to his CT mix which I already mentioned.

Donkey_Kong_Country_Stray_Donkey_Strut Pretty good overall. The ending might throw people off.

Donkey_Kong_Land_Revisiting_the_Ruins Turn your gym into an aquarium instead!

Double_Dragon_2_Mean_Streak_on_Main_Street Doesn't sound too great on headphones, but with speakers it was amazing.

Double_Dragon_2_Twin_Blood The best straight-up rock mix on the site.

Dune_Arrakis_Wormsign Perfect

Earthbound_Dreaming_on_Distant_Shores awesome

Earthworm_Jim_2_Wormaphobic_Disorder Protricity

Final_Doom_Quick_Fix aural bliss and beats

Final_Fantasy_6_Agony_of_Obscuration one of my favorite mixes ever (took a few listens before deciding this since I thought it was just pretty average at first). Good beat, too.

Final_Fantasy_6_EngineerCid(factory) I like this remix way more than many of the high sample quality ones. Straaange. It's the opitome of workout music if you don't have a bias against the sound quality. Also one of the best songs ever.

Final_Fantasy_6_Eres_Des_Points For some reason I am a DJ Crono rap fan.

Final_Fantasy_6_Kefka_Goes_Carnival SALSA

Final_Fantasy_6_modeserpent it's different at least. Still beaty.

Final_Fantasy_7_StringMachine(CorelPrisonMix) yeahbuddy

Final_Fantasy_6_The_Sveldt DO THE DJP and work out.

Final_Fantasy_10_Via Play it unless you don't want to get strange looks from an opera girl singing in the middle of the gym.

Final_Fantasy_Adventure_Willed_Assault Neverending kickass

Fury_of_the_Furries_FurryintheForest Aww yeah.

Fury_of_the_Furries_swimmingfurries ditto.

F-Zero_Voices_Broken a slightly different touch...to any music ever created.

Ghouls'N_Ghosts_Poltergeist_Mix ending is particularly nice.

Guardian_Legend_Ace_of_Space 0:44's section is like...pure blood-pumping.

ICO_Save_Me_(OCR_Edit) yep

Illusion_of_Gaia_Wills_Journey this gets no love...no love...

Jurassic_Park_everythingremainsjurassic gangsta' hood done at the right level

Killer_Instinct_KillerInstinctsEnhanced The type of airy guitar(s) that give this song its atmosphere are really good for energy. I know of a couple more OCRs that are like it, except with vocals.

Last_Ninja_8-Bit_Kamikaze it gets good during the main chorus

Legend_of_the_Mystical_Ninja_Oedo_Hop Nonstop energy

Magical_Drop_3_Enigmatic_Lunacy kind of trebly. I dunno, but I haven't listed anything like it yet. Pure dance music.

Mega_Man_2_Airman_WindShear you should be familiar with this one.

Mega_Man_2_Wily_Meets_Flashman not too sure about this one. Has energy but is kind of loud. Maybe that wouldn't matter with speakers.

Mega_Man_2_WithTheQuickness This one's a bit soft, but nothing speakers can't fix.

Mega_Man_3_Its_Boss_Time This would be so great as a last boss theme. Er, I mean YEAH IT'S WORKOUT MUSIC

Mega_Man_3_SnakeManGetDown one of my old favorites. Trancey.

Mega_Man_X_BrainsickMetal bestsongever

Metroid_Prime_JustaLittleMore_(PrimeEdit) coolness

Ork_Portal yep

Phantasy_Star_2_BurntMota I remember playing this while jobbing monsters on some MMORPG.

Pictionary_Person_Place_or_Groove Yeahp.

Pilotwings_64_Birdman_ClearSkies a classic, and pretty smooth...like jazz. Except with a beat thing.

Revenge_of_Shinobi_Chinatown(BadSushi) Nice dreamy no-thinking workout music.


River_City_Ransom_RiverCityRammstein These last two are a bit synth heavy, if that detracts anything.

Seiken_Densetsu_3_Electric_Fields Constant cool.


Shinobi_Rayza_Shuriken this may sound really generic, but I like it quite a bit, strangely.

Socket_TripTheLightFantastic Trance beat yay cool.

Sonic_2_Reich_Lake mmm repetitive coolness.

Sonic_2_Welcome_to_the_Metropolis another generic techno thing that sounds nice to my ears, regardless.

Sonic_3_Aquatic_Pressure Quite a bit of variation while being beaty.

Sonic_3_Dub_Island_(Bashment_Riddim_Edit) Awesomeness enwrapped within an enchilada.

Sonic_3_Sonik_Azure Sweetness

Sonic_3_Tight_Finale the most energetic song ever

Sonic_3D_Blissful_Eruption This song...gets no love at all. Completely nice sounding.

Sonic_Adventure_2_Knuckles'_Unknown_from_MC more rap

Sonic_CD_ColKaos_Stoned_Future like Blissful Eruption, except less thinking required.

Sonic_LiveattheSpringyard Lounge music, but maybe works as workout music as well. Maybe I'm completely fucked in the brain.

Sonic_Love_Hurts Yeah.

Sonic_sonik_special guitars and analoqqq

Sonic_the_Hedgehog_3_SonikElektronik kraftwerk "genre" done decently well by Rayza.

Soukaigi_Aftershock I'd workout to this.

Speedball_Speedy_Guitar Just as the name implies!

Star_Control_2_Lightyears_Away yes

Starfox_FortunaFavorstheFunk Impressive sound quality.......BEAT INCLUDED; ages 12 and up.

Starfox_Meteorave bLiNd is da boMb



Street_Fighter_2_DhalsimSpicyCurry This song has way more to it than probably half the people who listen to it think.

Streets_of_Rage_2_BadassPosse McVaffe is a good person for this job.

Street_Fighter_3_MakotoJungleJazz piano-y intro, but gets into a perfect groove MCVAFFE

Streets_of_Rage_Drop_and_Roll Experimental, at least.

Streets_of_Rage_Wah-Wah So awesome.

Super_Double_Dragon_No5_(Snapdragon) Another experiment

Super_Mario_64_Fleeting_Ecstasy See how many heads turn when they hear this awesome rendition of the Mario star theme.

Super_Mario_Bros_2_SuperBuckJazz And this one maybe not so many turned heads. Hey, jazz has a constant beat. (This one's very energetic, too.)

Super_Mario_Bros_3_Battle_Rocks constant beat

Super_Mario_Bros_3_Staff_Battle Selecta Novel is great. Most of his stuff is on VGMix, though.

Super_Mario_RPG_Seeking_Heat some variation on mood while still being beaty.

Super_Metroid_Brinstar_Bonsai_Garden wind down time (WITH BEATS)

Super_Metroid_MegaDance_Mix_2002 Supreme.

Super_Street_Fighter_2_CammysLondonDrizzle McVaffe is all I need to say.

Super_Thunder_Blade_Overdrive underappreciated, probably.

Terminal_Velocity_Proxima_Path crazy

Terranigma_Blue_(Shooting_Star_Mix) yum

Terranigma_Reviving_Zue Sweetness. Unique. Refreshing. So insanely good.

TMNT3_Turtle_Wave sogood

TMNT_4_Waste_Water_Wipeout evenbetter

Turbo_Outrun_Slam_the_Gas TOO BAD IT'S NOT ON OCR ANYMORE

Xenogears_IndieRockDajil Spice up your life with some Indie!

Xenogears_Skyline The secret to why Ziwtra is good? No one knows.

Yoshi's_Island_CrystallineCaverns MCVAFFE

Yoshi's_Island_Indian_Ragga MCVAFFE

Zelda_3_Triforce_Majeure the genre is superbadass

Zelda_64_Hyrule_Party_Mix Boom TSH boom TSH. I can imagine people working out with this.

Zelda_Links_Awakening_ClashattheMountains Loudness

Zillion_InsideTheRoadhouse synth madness and beats. It's like a supermatureversion of his MUSHA remix.

That's about 115 songs right theeeerrree.

That was a really fun experience. Brought a new hope in me! Or something cheesy yet important.

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Well, i used to jog to burned cds of whatever ocremixes i had downloaded. Besides the gi-normous list audity just gave ya, i recommend you check these out (which i don't think he included)...

Amberstar- Ambertrance by VIRTUALVIBE

Chrono Cross- People Seized with Trance by ambient

Hang-on- Journey to the Finish by Ryu7x

Mega Man 2- Too Hot For Heatman by AeroZ

Street Fighter 2 DeeJay's Caribbean Rave by McVaffe (A must have!)

Super Street Fighter 2- Turbo Flying Heaven by Zircon

ToeJam & Earl- JamesBrownInSpace by djpretzel

Zelda Link's Awakening- It's My Turn To Dream by chthonic (also prooty good)

Zelda 64- GerudoInterlude by djpretzel

Tales of Phantasia- The Koan of Drums by djpretzel

Sonic 3- The Outer Space Machine by Rellik (yes yes yes)

*Calmdown music* Soul Blade- JazzerSoul by McVaffe (heh, even the title is approriate)

So yeah. That's definately some good jams right there. I hope you enjoy em as much as I did. If you can't get all of the ones on that long list, do please check these.

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Here's a few that you might also want to take a look at. This is by no means all of them you should take a look at.

Altered_Beast_Psychotic_Discord - The tension'll get your heart pumping.

Arkanoid_Black_Block - Kinda catchy, good beat.

Artura_Dublin_Delight - Sounds like an Irish pub song. It'll make you want to do a little jig.

Art_of_Fighting_2_Match_With_Yuri - Might be better suited to when you work with a punching bag.

Batman_MusicofFunk - Nice quick beat. Even has fitting lyrics toward the middle.

Blaster_Master_DancerMaster - Good beat.

Bomberman_Bomberfuzz - Interesting. The weird voice might take a little getting used to. And the sound quality is a tad below optimal. Nice beat though.

Breath_of_Fire_2_YouMustDance - Good beat.

Bubble_Bobble_DjArcas_Bubbl_Techno - VERY quick beat.

Castlevania_2_Bloody_Hell - Steady beat, good song.

Castlevania_2_Cursed_Bloodline - Heavy metal. 'Nuff said.

Castlevania_2_No_Flesh_Allowed - A little goat is good.

Castlevania_4_CastleTrance - McVaffe. Need I say more?

Castlevania_Adventure_CV2K - See above. Very dancey.

Chrono_Cross_TimeScars - Excellent beat.

Chrono_Trigger_Antimatter - A danceable version of Magus's theme.

Contra_Bases - Nice boss music. Nice beat.

Crystalis_Calming_the_Angry_Sea - Just for variety. Good song too.

DarXide_Starman (don't lose yourself) - Not quite to my tastes, but good song otherwise.

Deflektor_LaserDance - Good beat.

Doom_2_BarrelsOFun - Not monkey-filled, but still good. A few weird parts tho.

Doom_2_GothicSandy - Has a dangerous feel to it.

Doom_2_Oldskool_Demon - Dangerous, but kinda goofy. Think "Gremlins."

Double_Dragon_3_J!_Groove - Asian feel, with a good beat.

Dragon_Warrior_Hail_to_the_Throne - Steady beat, good stuff.

Dr._Mario_Burning_Up - Gets quited fevered toward the end.

Dr._Robotnik's_Mean_Bean_Machine_Blobby_Blob_Disco - Dancey.

Earthbound_Bus! - Good tune.

Faxanadu_Goofy_Ska - The name says it all.

Final_Fantasy_Legend_3_Talon_Injury - Heroic, with a hint of desperation.

Final_Fantasy_Legend_2_InjuredHero'sBlood - Similar to above. Just balanced differently.

Gauntlet_GAUNTLET!! - Starts sinister, but fun. Then stops being all that sinister.

Ghosts'n_Goblins_Wanka_Factory - Good stuff.

Ghouls_'N_Ghosts_PsychoUnderpants - Fairly frenzied.

Golden_Axe_GoldenAxe2002 - A heroic, beat-filled tune.

Hedgehog_Heaven_Project_Fortress_of_Glory - I just like this one.

Jackal_Mounted-Machine_Gun_Funk - Fun song.

Lufia_Metastatic_Bloodline - Good song.

Mega_Man_2_Metalman_Goes_Clubbing - Steady beat.

Mega_Man_3_Cataclysmic_Clash - Love these guys.

Mega_Man_X3_House_Hornet - Very nice.

Ninja_Gaiden_2_Ashtar's_Desires - I quite like this tune.

Ninja_Gaiden_2_SongofChaos - You will want this. A favorite.

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Paul Oakenfold and Andy Gray - Descents (from Get Carter movie remake) ; Easy warmup exercise

Arch Enemy - Nemesis ; Speed Bag time!

F-Zero - Big blue (any version, original or remixed) ; Joggy

Mindless Self indulgence - Golden Eye (Juggalo remix) ; Lift some bars buddy!

Simon V - Inner Surface (ft. Jojo Mayer) ; Anything else to do

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So my boss and I have made a bet to see who can lose the most weight in a month. The winner gets $10 per pound lost more than the loser.

I'm tired of the normal rock I listen to because a) I've listened to it so much there are only 2 or 3 songs that can get me pumped, and B) I'm too tempted to sing along.

So I need more instrumental or asian (since it's the hardest for me to make sense of the vocals) hardcore music.

Right now I have the Akira and Guilty Gear XX OST's. Any more suggestions?

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So my boss and I have made a bet to see who can lose the most weight in a month. The winner gets $10 per pound lost more than the loser.

I'm tired of the normal rock I listen to because a) I've listened to it so much there are only 2 or 3 songs that can get me pumped, and B) I'm too tempted to sing along.

So I need more instrumental or asian (since it's the hardest for me to make sense of the vocals) hardcore music.

Right now I have the Akira and Guilty Gear XX OST's. Any more suggestions?

Try the .hack series credits and opening sequence songs.

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Some weird ones...

Maybe some stuff from the Donpachi series..?

One inparticular track comes to mind is the "Burn Yourself [boss]" track, while very simple, gets me going as well as East Asia[stage I] track

Another couple of series [though from an anime than game] that come to mind are Berserk: Record of the Holy War (name?) album and oddly enough some tracks from Eureka 7 seem to get me going, motivatingly speaking.

A doujin track cover on Spark Mandrill's stage theme (found in a VGmix dougin thread) is made of awesome and win. It totally gets me pumped :)!!

I'll post some links when I get home if desired.

edit: wow mods moved this thread fast :0

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Snowbound from Earthbound (by bLind) gets me pretty pumped, as does Chekan Winter. Try virt's "Crystal Flash", it's pretty damned good (twenty minutes long), as well as his "Get on the Bus" (my favorite remix EVER). Triforce Majeure by Disco Dan - in fact, pretty much anything by Disco Dan, virt, or bLind is awesome. chthonic has some good stuff, but I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for. "Simon's Town" is pretty badass too. "Time's Scar" from Chrono Cross (the original one) is awesome, if a little short. Kingdom Hearts' "Another Side, Another Story (Deep Dive)" song, if you can get ahold of it (hint: AIM me) is pretty awesome, as is Advent Children's "For the Reunion".

As far as anime songs go, the Read or Die main theme (preferably the Long Version from the OVA OST and the Hong Kong and Public Pressure versions from the TV OST's) is an absolute must - very Bond-esque, definitely one of the best in terms of pure energy. No vocals either. Actually, most of the songs on those OST's are pretty good.

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