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holy crap, i'm engaged!

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ed;236761']Hey' date=' congrats!

So, what's the family gonna say when all these weirdos they've never seen before show up?[/quote']

i have no idea, but i don't particularly care what they'll think, anyways. we'll hit up buffalo wild wings and goof around on various instruments - you know,what you're supposed to do on a meetup.

That's a hell of a long time to wait to get married. 18 months?

you're telling me. my parents told me they'd default on my loans if i didn't wait till after college to get married. so, i'm stuck till after commencement next year. she'll already be in grad school, but i'm a year younger.

thanks, jose - when'd you change your sig finally?

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Congratulations! I hear you on having to wait until you graduate. My parents were ok with me getting married before my wife and I graduated, although it took some convincing, but we had friends who had to wait an extra year because their parents thought it was a bad idea and wouldn't help them with the wedding financially if they'd married earlier. You'll have plenty of time to plan things though. Good luck!

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