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Married OCR people?

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We decided on August 10th, actually, after all was said and done. Neko likes the idea of getting married in August, so we're gonna just do it, which is fine by me, because it gives me time to like, find a nice dress to wear to the courthouse, and plan stuff out a bit.

Ceremony will probably be in December only because I'm a girl and I feel like having a party and wearing a pretty dress and eating cake in front of some people.

And ROFL, BGC. I forgot that was there...total perk of *censored for teh gay*--the joking never ends! I'm excited.

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I've been engaged for a while now to be married October 17th. We've been together for 7 years now (since high school), so for longer than I've been on OCR. Or known almost everyone I interact with regularly.

As a general rule, however, I don't like married people.

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Looks like I brought this thread back to life. It's interesting how fast people grow up. It was only a few years ago that I was in High School (7 to be excat) and now I'm married, it's almost sacry how fast we grow up.

Indeed. Looking at my join date, I didn't even have a girlfriend at the time. Weird thing is how much faster time seems to pass as I get older. Feels like yesterday I graduated high school, but it was really about six years ago.

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I am engaged and getting married in September.

Also, I would like it to be known that OC Remixes are ... not the reason I bagged my woman. Although I would have loved to have given a lot of people hope. And maybe increased the volume and quality of remixes 100-fold.

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