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OCR00768 - Barbie Super Model "Plastic Goddess"


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I'm not sure what DJP was talking about, because I really like this remix. Some nice haunted sound-effects with some great drumming and a nice addition with the "plastic godessssss" at the end. The synth didn't really bother me, because it wasn't mind-numbingly loud (like a certain DJP mix), but that's just me...

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i never knew that this game existed, but just because this remix kicks ass it does not mean that i would want to play this game. Djpretzel, i am sort of fear submitting my "remixes", because you seem to put down many good stuff, example this barbie remix. I dont have all this great equipment like all this people do or the great skill like these djs do. Having said what i just said i bet if i were to submit any of my "remixes" for the Sonic the Hedgehog games, you would think is completely Crap. back to the Barbie remix.. i like industrial music and this shit is freaky,...in other words this song is fucking awesome.

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I had a lot of fun writing this one. I knew right off the bat that DJP wouldn't

like it, but that's ok because I had faith in the judging board of OCR to

let this little chunk of electric misery shine through. (:

I find it very interesting that Shael's mix went up that the same time. His

drum samples came from a POS Casio keyboard, and the lead synth

in this remix was actually an old Casio PCM keyboard run through a

Zoom 607 bass pedal and an Marshal guitar amp. It gave it a very unique

shimmery sound to the high frequencies. This was also the first remix

I tried actually playing anything live on, which is why it isn't quite as

sharp as some of my other material.

The original concept behind this track was to be an industrial ballad of

sorts in the style of the NIN track Star*uckers Inc. complete with lyrics.

Well, as you can hear that got cut down to just a few words twisted in

the start of the track and the tagline hissing from under the melody here

and there.

The Monkey Machine is going to try and take a break from industrial

distortionfest brainraping for a while and attempt to focus on atmosphere,

like my last Chrono Trigger track. Sometimes I have to relax too, (:.

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This remix is so creepy, it's awesome. It rips the heart out of that little plassssssssssticcc godddddesssssssss with a metallic ripper. It may be an acquired taste, but one can't deny that what CotMM has done here is incredible. You can just barely hear that hint of a melody that lets you imagine what this must have sounded like... and then you can truly appreciate the sheer twisting this track has taken. CotMM, I salute you.

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Actually pretty solid stuff, the music suits the style well, and the groove is pretty good. It has the usual CotMM layers or rust and grime, and I almost wish the beat was a bit stronger, but that would be a bit too pop for the track, I think. There are a lot of cool textures in this, and I think some of the leads could be toned down in the higher frequencies, but it works I think.

I think the ending was a bit abrupt, but the slow burnout of the ending works ok enough.

Pretty cool that a random dare could produce possibly one of his best mixes.

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Not gonna lie to you guys, I used to often rent this game when I was a little girl. I enjoyed playing it, regardless of how crappy it very likely was.

Even after a refresher course from the chiptunes, it's a bit hard for me to identify the pieces CotMM used here, and I probably wouldn't have realized they were from the game if the remix hadn't told me. That said, though, it's an interesting piece..perhaps because they're so vastly transformed? I mean, The through a glass darkly connotation that comes from changing such dopey, perky tunes into something mangled, eerie, and industrial is absolutely fantastic regardless of whether it's my cup of tea or not, and I've got to give him props for the venture. As I've come to expect from CotMM, always unique work.

If Barbie Supermodel had been set in a dystopic and/or zombie-infested USA, this would be on the sound track. I can see her now, rollerblading her way through the debris of what was once Hawaii and wondering what color assault rifle matches her purse.

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Those are some nice twisted vocals. The bass sounds killer, distorted to a fury. Found the lead a bit overbearing. The beat is better described as a pulse and that's a complement. More than the vocals or monster SFX, I found the creepiest element of the outro to be that bent synth. Interesting, wish it was longer.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00768 - Barbie Super Model "Plastic Goddess"

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