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Final Fantasy VIII Project, regaurdless of what you think.

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Yeah, you already know who this is. No time for B.S. Final Fantasy VIII project, let get it, I'll keep you posted. This is not a game- this will not go down like Project Chaos did(as good as that project turned out) . I got soilders ready to do this thing and do it right and do it with haste, but if you are interested at all, hit a brotha up. But trust when I say, there is no time for playing anymore, all that immature tendencies of the last project I was envolved with, on my part or anyone elses, should be promptly discarded when approaching this situation. Be prepared my friends :D

To hear this amazing soundtrack - http://bluelaguna.net/music/ff8/mp3s.php

Mike Penn+

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Ah yes! The teenage love story that is the eighth Final Fantasy game! I too really liked this games music. Basically all of the songs related to the Sorceress were just for me. ^_^ I give my support to this project. I hope it goes through with (unlike the game, itself) no drama. Hahaha. I would have liked to get involved with this, but I'm busy with my Valkyrie Profile remix and a remix for the Xenogears Project is about to placed on the schedule. I gotta do my best for those before I get involved with other cool stuff.


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I demand that Force your Way will be an epic Rock/Metal Arrangement that trumps the Black Mages version in every respect,

otherwise this project will just suck. emot-colbert.gif

Just kidding, with source tunes like this, there's no way this'll go wrong

I've been wanting to do this for ages. It's always annoyed me that the BM version is way slower than the original cause they're too crap to play it, so I've been wanting to kick its arse for some time. Maybe sixto would like to join me :P.

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