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The Newbie Introduction Thread: Come on in and say hello!


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Watch out, it's another obligatory "I'm new" post from a newbie...

Hi there! I've been visiting the forums for at least a year now and have never really had much to say, but I figured it was about time to register anyway. Hopefully my stay will last longer than 5 posts and I won't have too many people calling me a noob, but beggars can't be choosers.

So, yeah - that's about it. Hello!

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Greetings and salutations "young blood" and welcome to the world of the OCR forums.

With being new, it is understandable that you are reluctant to post, worrying about you embarrasing yourself and all, but worry not, for that is all part of 'growing' here.

The first place you guys should start is the "training grounds" known as general discussion . That is the portion of the forum where you can talk about basically anything related to the world of remixing and gaming, as long as it is work safe of course. Please do refrain from asking for any sort of "requests" in any form, be it remixes to programs to osts. OST requests, as well as anything besides freeware/shareware, are frowned upon here, considering that they are illegal, but of course if you are searching to purchase said ost or program, you are more than encouraged to do so, as long as you are polite in how you address your question :D. Also, if you wish to request a certain remix of a song to be made, you are more than encouraged to post your request here. Please do keep in mind that your request will not always be answered, so do not have your feelings hurt if your thread does not get any replies. It isn't anything personal, it is just that remixers are busy and often do not have time to do a remix for you, but you might get lucky, so don't hesitate to ever at least ask :D

Once you feel that you are ready to gain your 'sealegs' and explore the rest of what ocr's forums have to offer, you should explore Politics Philosophy and Religion, where you can find many different discussions on many of the more 'controversial' topics on people's minds. Please do keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether you agree with it or not. It is NOT encouraged that you engage in a 'flamewar', also known as agressive arguement, with anyone on this forum, regardless of the reason. You will risk getting yourself warned and even banned. It is not worth risking your account, as well as your 'good name' tarnished over a silly arguement, now is it? :wink:

If you ever have any technical issues regarding....well....anything technical, then post your questions here *which happens to be the exact portion of the forums that we are in righ now :D*. Please do keep in mind that it is a technical assistance forum, so do not ask anything about remixing in any form or about anything random. Remixing questions and advice can be saught here. Please do refrain from asking the basic question of "how do I remix?", of course :P

Noticing those nifty little images that people have under those posts and want one of those for yourself? Well, thos are called "signatures", and there is a special place where you can go to request to get one of to call your very own! The "Ye Olde Sig Shoppe" is just the place for you, where you can request just how you would like your signature to be made. Please do read the first post of that thread in it's entirety so that no confusion may come up between you and whoever may see your sig request.

Having problems with your coding? seeing and wondering why it isn't simply hyperlinking instead? Well, this thread will teach you all you need to know about how to use the coding the forums use. At first it may be a hassle to learn, but once you memorize how each function is done, you won't soon forget them :D

Well, I hope that covers everything. If you guys ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I am always available to help out the every day new guy. I was once one, I know how it was like :D

Goodluck and happy posting!

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Hello all,

my name is Timothy Anderson, but i just prefer Tim, i mean saying my full name would be a waste of perfectly good time when you could be doing things like painting a picture or something...anyway i'm rambling now

I joined in the hopes of contributing some stuff, or just helping out with any projects that go on here.

i'm 20 years old, from australia (yes the stories you have heard are true) and currently i am studying music production..apparently next year i'm supposed to be a registed Pro Tools operator, apparently i get a t-shirt from Digidesign for free, bless their hearts :D

Hopefully i'll be submitting some stuff of my own, but for the moment i got a few more video game themes to work on and some short film stuff (useless update 5)

So if anyone wants help with anything like mixing tips or wants a free mastering done (still working on getting perfect at it) drop me a line

Thank you,


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Greetings and salutations, all.

I'm vgnerdmaster, or DP if you want to call me that, all my friends do. I'm 19, currently sober (actually I never drink but I thought it was worthy of mention), and just signed up obviously. I've been around the site itself for awhile though, just decided to finally register.

I don't have issues posted on the forums, but I probably won't bother with it much. Too busy with college and actually listening to the music done by skillful people. But who knows, I might get some crazy urge to review all the songs I love. It'd also be fun to do a little remixing myself, supposing I can figure out what the heck I'm doing and actually do something decent. OCR has great music to be sure, but it's lacking in battle music.

Oh yeah, those torrent things. They didn't work for me awhile ago, but now they do. So if anybody needs to yell about bandwidth, blame me, since I've been html-ing for the past however many months for however many songs... Not that I'll pay attention to the rage or anything.

Anyways, thanks for the warm welcome and the useful information Arek, as well as calling me a "young blood." I'll remember that one.

Now to find a place for my actually important question and the reason I finally registered.

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Hey. I'm new here, and it's a bit nerve racking, considering you all (or at least most of you) are older than me, me being 14 and all. Anyways, I've been listening to the songs here for the past few months, and I just decided to join. I have at least 40 of these songs on my mp3 player, and although the other kids at school find it odd that I may be listening to video game music, the songs here can be very good. I want to make songs like these when I get older, as I'm starting to get into the programming bis myself. I can make small .midi files, and small computer programs. I'm hoping to eventually make songs as good as some of the ones here, as a large amount are proffesional, and could help me with my future proffesion. I'll let you get back to whatever you were doing before you decided to read this, as it's late, and I've got school tomorrow :P. See ya.

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I find the usage of those short forms to be a bit annoying. It really degrades a person's outlook. Like, I'm really into mmorpg's and other online games, because I like to play games with other people. I don't like talking to people who talk like that, it makes them look stupid, to be blunt. It's funny that I usually type at least twice as fast as everyone else who talks in short forms, so even when I type with perfect grammer, spelling, and punctuation, I still type faster than the other people. I use computers way too much, but it's just too much fun. I also love the video game genre of music... lyricless techno, I guess. I find that most lyrics in songs are degrading. I like video game music, because for one it usually has no lyrics, and two, it always has some melody and keeps to it, changing it a bit in a predictable fashion. I also dislike random things, or chaos. Songs that I listen to many times become better for me each time I listen, because it becomes more predictable.

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Well to come back to the original meaning of this thread.

Hello! i'm 360Degreez, and finally found what i'm looking for right in front of my nose.

I'm an amateur musician and since i played the game "Zelda" on the NES i love the tunes used in games that are meant to be catchy, simple an not boring after being looped 20 times.

Motivated by OCRemix i've just started on a Dance-remix of the Zelda3 (a link to the past) intro-tune (yes, the one with the rain and thunder) and i can't wait to give you guys a preview just to know what you think of it.

Now... let's look where i can upload tracks.......

See ya later,

Paul (360Degreez) from Holland.

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*looks around*

This seems like a suitable place for an introduction.

Long time listener, first time caller...er...poster.

Computer Engineer by day, 3d Modeller by...later in the day.

As far as music goes, I attempted composing back in high school, but sort of fell out of it at college. Now the most I do is jump onto the piano when I hear something that sounds interesting to play (including original video game music, as well as many of the remixes here).

Proficiency: Piano - high, Violin - mid, Guitar/Harmonica - low

I think that's about it... oh, and Hi Bahamut!

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Greetings all!

I have been listening to the amazing remixes on OCR for almost a year and now I finally decided to get my lazy ass into gear and register on the forums. I must say that I appreciate everything this site has offered me, half of the songs on my iPod are from OCR. :)

Anyway, that ends my short but meaningful intro and I look forward to contributing somehow, I am not much of a ReMixer but I am sure there are other ways I can help. Anyone need and webspace? lol :)

P.S. Props to Zircon and Pixie, just found VGDJ recently and I can't get enough of it.

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