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Halo 3


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I know PLENTY of people will be getting this next week.

So yeah who is and what version are you getting.

And say whatever else you want about the game.


I am also quite shocked that there is no thread about this already, but I guess it's because all there people around here are all boo halo we <3 pc shooters.

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Apparently Master Chief is actually Master Chef, and this game is gonna be about cooking.You beat the last boss (a giant egg with some hot-dogs being spawned every so often) by making hamburgers.

And that chick person, well she's a dangerous double crossing alien loving mormon.

Scary, uh?

Oh yeah, also you should not have read this post as it contained spoilers.

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The mulitplayer campaign has really bad slow down. I'm not sure why, hopefully MS will release a patch when it's released.

Also, yeah, if your lucky, you too can find video rental employees that could care less about so called "street dates". The only really sucky part is that there is no one to play mutliplayer with, except my cousin who also rented it. Find some copies, me wantsa teabag some peeps.

Only three days to go :)

I'll be then able to play my copy of halo 3, and tell you people on the other side of the world how it is like before you able to obtain yours. xD

It's awesome! Reminds me a LOT of DooM 3 & Quake 4 for some odd reason.

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The campaign is supposed to be very short. Probably because it was supposed to be part of Halo 2. Oh well.

Also, I sincerely hope no one here bought this because it was a flavor of Mountain Dew. I mean come on, who would possibly get the drink, say "oh man, this tastes GREAT." and somehow put it together that halo 3 must be great? Urgh. As I said elsewhere, the marketing for this game is finally pushing even my annoyance levels with APPLE marketing. That's saying something.

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