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k well this is my first post on OCR forums, though signed up on these forums about 9 months ago...and I hang around the IRC channel sometimes...but anyways...

Omg wow this game is amazing... personally i loved the credits song at the end...

if you wanna here it..the lyrics are there too..

I loved the personality of the robot...GLaDOS or whoever it was..

just wanted to put my two cents in about this great game...worth the money IMO (at least the orange box is)

If you haven't beaten or played the game yet just look carefully at some of the walls and you will know why "the cake is a lie!"

lol I also found something interesting - http://aperturescience.com/

type login and the password is portal

from there you can explore it on your own...

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:shock: Absolutely brilliant.

Even if it was a tad short, I don't feel like I wasted $20 at all.

Actually, the first I heard of this game, I stumbled on the credit sequence and I immediately had to find the game it belonged to. I read a little about it, and bam, I just had to buy it. Sure, it kinda spoiled the ending, but knowing all of the context, I still smiled.

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Don't count on anything Mac from Valve for a while. Gabe Newall has expressed strong distaste for Mac as a gaming platform in general.

Not surprising. The Source engine (on which all Valve games are currently built) uses DirectX quite heavily; something Macs don't support. Releasing on a platform without it would require some serious re-tooling of the games, which is probably why EA is handling the PS3 port.

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I invited your friend Companion Cube but he couldn't come because you murdered him. I invited all your other friends but they couldn't come because you don't have any other friends.

You had to put on subtitles in that sequence to get the full feel. If you haven't, give it a try, you won't be displeased.

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