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Speaking of Orange Box, Episode Two is just as awesome as Half-Life 2, if not more so. While Half-Life 2 was a little on the easy side and Episode One was so frustrating and had so rewarding elements it felt like a chore, Episode Two is both decently challenging and full of insanely fun new gameplay mechanics.

Also, holy crap the story is going somewhere cool now. The ending snuck up on me entirely.

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Go buy The Orange Box at Circuit City or Fry's if you haven't yet. They're both selling it for about $40 this week after taxes, but I'm sure it'll be back to retail prices by Sunday.

I haven't played anything other than Team Fortress 2. Not only that, but I played only as an Engineer for the first 4 or 5 hours straight.

But after I break my addiction, I shall give Portal a try. And HL2.

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To suzu: I think Orange Box is the only physical retail option. Although it doesn't make the limitation any less annoying, there's an option to transfer the HL2 and E1 rights to someone else via Steam, so you could get your money back by finding a friend to pay you for them.

Otherwise, it costs an exorbitant stand-alone amount on Steam.

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