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So I just beat it. I'm almost in tears at how awesome that was.

Also the first time I watched myself fall through a hole in the floor while stepping out of the wall at the same time bended my mind. My mind was bended.


Also chasing myself down an inter-dimensional hallway I made was one of the coolest things I've ever done in a game. EVER.

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Anyone else having trouble with the challenges? I've done all golds on the 'least portals' ones, and half the 'least time' ones... but I can't even get a bronze on any of the 'least steps' ones. There's just something frustrating about jumping out of a portal and having a landing cost me 4 steps.

Ok well for steps you need to realize that steps only count when you touch the ground with a certain force. So when you want to travel just shoot a portal on the ground where you want to go and another portal right below you. You should be in an inifinite loop of going through one portal and going straight back down into the other portal. When you exit through the portal of your destination quickly shoot another portal ( the color of your destination portal) and you will land softly and it won't count to your steps. This is probably the strategy that you will use the most in the steps challenges.

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Australia got shafted (again). We have to wait till next week to get the damn game - the whole orange box for that matter. What's even cooler is, the guys at EB said they weren't even 100% that we'd get it next week. So, we pay more for games and gaming devices that we have to wait longer for and now we don't get access to Portal and it's friends for a full two weeks (or more) after it gets released in the States. It's bloody awesome being an Aussie gamer.

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