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Personal Music Achievements.


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I was wondering what musical achievements people, especially mixers here are most proud of.

I would like to see only your personal achievements, not tales of notoriety, or how other people see you, but how YOU see you and are proud of.

Ill start us off by saying,

Today I woke up. I said I wanted to sing an Eb. I sang one and it was fantastic. I can give an Eb, B natural, A Natural, Bb and F on command now. I am still learning to associate other note names with thier tones. it is coming slowly, but its happening! I can feel the cosmos.

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Today I woke up. I said I wanted to sing an Eb. I sang one and it was fantastic. I can give an Eb, B natural, A Natural, Bb and F on command now. I am still learning to associate other note names with thier tones. it is coming slowly, but its happening! I can feel the cosmos.

When I was a music major in college everyone swore to me that perfect pitch can only be obtained at birth and cannot be learned, but I KNEW that it could be done! Thank you!

I've got a few.

-Actually learning to play guitar as brutally as I can today makes me happy. I just recently joined a melodic death metal cover band and we play some Arch Enemy songs and the leader expects us to be able to play all the solos note for note at full speed. The fast solo on Ravenous a good example of what I'm talking about.

-I'm proud of my VERY first band a lot. It was in Okinawa. I wrote ALL the music and played guitar and sang for it. The band was called "Unrequited Lust" (If you wanna hear a live recording of it, let me know.) and we were a melodic death metal band. Every song was an epic 8 minute movement with like 10 riffs. Not your stupid, verse-chorus-verse-chorus-solo-chorus type of songs yo.

That's enough about me. Let's talk about you. ^_^

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Getting a track on a compilation cd for Waerloga Records back in 2004 was my first big achievement. The CD is called "A Tribute to Uglakh Vol. 1"

The next thing I'm rather proud of is an ansiform release. of course, it's an anonymous netlabel so I'm not telling you which one it is :3!

Anime Chipdisk Vol. 1. I even got guest artists [tenemis, coda, nobuyuki] and coda wrote a cool player for the tunes [just because not everyone has XMPlay like they should].

Also, I'm pretty proud to have been involved in the Cave Story Remix Project, even though I don't like half the songs. That and having an OC remix got me a lot of exposure, even though it's not a very notable OCR release, it's my most listened to song according to last.fm.

I should also mention the long running #soundtempest OHCs [one hour compo], CompoSTs, that I've been hosting for a long time. Actually, I haven't had one in a while, but compos are one of my favorite things to participate in

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The biggest achievements of the past few years..

* The first time I got paid for my music ($40 for four custom songs written for a children's PC platformer, "The Adventures of Captain Genia") - 2004

* Receiving the physical copies of my first original album, taking it to my high school, and people actually BUYING it.

* The release party for my second CD. A neighbor of mine turned his basement into a mini-club, invited dozens of people from my grade in high school (senior), put on a playlist of great dance music, and we all had a blast. After listening to the big mix of music, I did a 5 minute live improv set, then we played Impulse Prime straight through. Everyone loved it; such a great vibe.

* My first three digit deal, for original radio station & advertisement music.

* My first four digit deal, licensing Impulse Prime.

* Winning "Best Techno Album" and "Best Techno Song" at the 2006 JPF music awards. Not exactly the Grammys but I still consider it to be a big achievement for myself.

* Perhaps my greatest personal music achievement, and one I am most proud of, making five digits of income this year from music & sound related activities . Is it less than working even a minimum wage job? Yes. But I'm still really proud, as this was one of my New Year's resolutions, and the year isn't over yet.

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I'd say winning 250 bucks for remixing that gawd awful Valkyries song would be the highlight of my career so far.

You did!? :D GRATZ!

my best musical achievement? ._. urgh.

Remixing wise it was when zircon invited me to the FFVII project as a fresh remixer. Otherwise I think it was when I performed a piano solo piece I composed at a school concert and everyone actually stood up to applaud it. I was 15 at the time.

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I don't think this one counts but I met Wierd Al in a Taco Bell one time. He is a very down to earth guy. If that doesn't count, then I made a song called Super Pikachu Mixdown: IIDX Red Bull Rave. Don't ask. Please don't ask..... u___u

link(gannon) or it didnt happen.

my sincerest apologies to those of you without ADD or other developmental disorders.

Oh, man... I dont know what to say, besides I still want to eat your children once they have been prepared.

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Preparing for and successfully completing my high school music exam.

I play cello, and hated performing solo (more than anything in the world), but my music teachers encouraged me and helped me along the way- at first I was shaky, but I practised in front of junior classes and finally built up the strength to be confident in the real thing.

I left that examination room with the biggest grin on my face- one of the best feelings ever.

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Let's see.

-Playing out for the first time with all original music I wrote, and having it actually be a good show.

- Performing at Magfest

- Being paid and given hotel rooms for multiple nights just to play a show

- Winning a contest with a remix of mine at RPGamer.com, even though they stiffed me on my prize. Watch how many songs I'll submit over there.

- Winning the Dwelling of Duels contest, twice in a row.

-People coming TO ME for recording advice.

- Having Armcannon mentioned in an article in The Guardian newspaper.

-And tomorrow, I will have performed with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and Videogames Live. That's gonna be a notch on the old belt.

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- I recently won the GCFC (Guild of Canadian Film Composers) apprenticeship competition for western Canada, which sponsors me to work with an established veteran film composer.

- Writing music for a weekly cartoon series that airs on YTV and Nickelodeon.

- Working on music preparation for a Disney feature film (among many others)

- Doing music editing on a cartoon airing on Disney's Jetix.

- Working on audio post for several MTV shows.

- In the process of composing the score to a video game, being produced by former Electronic Arts development team PowerUp Studios

- Doing what I love for a living and actually enjoying it

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My first OCRemix. The top link is a 12 year old's swan song, the bottom is about anime lesbians.

My second OCRemix. It's about all the dirty jokes in Banjo Kazooie.

BUT, in all seriousness, I think my biggest achievement is getting through college with a music ed degree. Secondly would be actually being able to enjoy the music I create. So often things crumble under pressure, but I try really hard to keep the big picture in mind.

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I can give myself a little credit for learning difficult fingerstyle songs on my acoustic.

One time, I dedicated this one song to girl.. on a student talent night thingy, and I played it alright and it made her cry..

It's not some kind of achievement.. But it was an instrumental song, and people often don't even pay attention to a solo guitar player performing alone, esp. acoustic, with no singing at all.

Of course, I give all the credit to the composer.

I don't know.. looking back.. I'ven't achieved anything yet..

I guess I was trying to write down something to be proud of and failed.

Hopefully I'll be like one of OCR's top remixers someday.. like Mcvaffe, and/or become an amazing fingerstyle player like Chet Atkins.

That'll be so sweet.

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