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CONFIRMED: OC ReMixer Reuben Kee, 23, killed in boating accident (1984-2007)

Sgt. Fuzzy

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Aw, fuck. This is really an interesting feeling. I didn't know Ruben. I didn't even know of him (he didn't seem to be that active in the forums or with recent mixes). But this is really strange. Even those who knew him better than I might have a hard time really understanding what this might mean. All we really know is that we won't be getting any more mixes under his name.

I feel like we need a musical tribute or something, though. Given that that is the nature of this site, it seems a proper way to express our appreciation and feelings on the matter.

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Thanks for all the music Reuben I truly will be listening to your songs for the rest of my life.

For anyone who wants to hear some more music from Reuben:



Princess Mononoke:


Rurouni Kenshin:


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