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so what do YOU want for christmas?

prophetik music

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Andrew Wiener

Sounds like the end of a dirty joke:

"Yeah, My mom was cold and wanted to pull the covers,

she stretched her arm over your father

She grabbed something and pulled and pulled harder

she pulled at it and drew wiener."

And yes, I am that bored.

Wow, I've never seen someone use my name in a poem before. You must be bored. haha.

I'm still waiting for any takers to buy me a VC game. :P

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chipp, you have a way of constantly posting things that are either annoying or inflammatory. especially since i'm a republican. you're not even a fucking american.

You've GOT to be kidding. Whether it's annoying or not is subjective, but I've never flamed anyone (well except for that one time). And I AM American. Jesus! But that shouldn't even matter because whether you're a republican or not, I'm allowed to say that Bush sucks if I don't like him. And you can tell me how much you hate Obama and I won't get mad at you just cause I like him. Agreed?

chipp is annoying, and he needs to keep topics like this in the PPR forum rather than in community, so that we don't get derailed like this.

I don't understand you anymore Prophet. What's going on? People ALWAYS post jokes in threads. Then I go and post one and you get all upset? What's up with that?

And I was completely on topic because I actually posted what I want for Christmas.

... OK?

I really am hoping for a truce here. Can we have it?

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There really isn't anything specific that I want for Christmas. I just gave my folks and girlfriend an Amazon wishlist that has DVDs, music and video games on there. Anything or nothing from there is fine. I already have my 360 with the games I want and I have a loving girlfriend.

I guess the only thing I'd want is my own place. Preferably a house.

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I don't want to go to Dubai. I want to stay home, and spend the time with my girlfriend.

Understandably, I'm not getting what I want for Christmas this year.

But I do get Crysis when I come back (makes me look forward to going in a way)

Oh yes, something else I'd like for Christmas - a well-paying job in my field of study. Because I enjoyed what I studied Goddammit and I want to work in that particular field.

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