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    • I was very curious how one could make FF7's battle music into an elevator style song, and this did not at all disappoint. The switch to major was a smooth move, and the bouncy, overly active accompaniment really gives this that elevator music feel. That poppy organ was probably my favorite instrument in there. As far as places where you could expand, improvements, etc., I suggest building in a bit of an introduction. It sounds like it just pops into existence; with a small bit of introductory material it it'd prepare the listener a bit better for what you've got, here. It might also help generate some ideas you can use later in the track, too, as an added bonus. Obviously my opinion more than anything, but if you're looknig for ideas that's a thought. The mix is a bit busy in this. The production is otherwise great, but if someone isn't familiar with the FF7 battle theme the overall track would be difficult to follow since every instrument is mixed more or less in the same place in the mix. Bringing out the instruments that are playing a theme the listener can grasp helps make the track sound more focused and goal oriented. Granted, this IS elevator music, so this meandering aesthetic might actually work to your advantage in this case, but it's an idea of an alternative direction to take the track. Great little spur-of-the-moment track you've got here, though - I got a real kick out of it. 
    • hey guys whats up ?

      I had a bit of time again for new sounds.. enjoy  
    • I remember that for most of the time that I ever walked around the Kingdom of Zeal, I always felt a little uneasy. It was like I somehow knew, even from the moment I set foot in it for the first time, that something was off about the place. (And of course, as the game goes on, you find out just how "off" a lot of things are.) Maybe it's the uncommon opinion, but I felt that same quality present in the original "Corridor of Time" theme. So even though the music in the original soundtrack is meant to be beautiful and calm, I always found that it made me feel just a little bit on edge the whole time. Anyway. As I listen to this, it reminds me of that one line that an NPC in Kajar says to you: "Your power... differs from ours. It's difficult to describe, but in you I sense a strange... kindness." Yeah. Something about the gentler instrumentation, the Eastern-sounding quality, the smoother articulations... maybe it's just my layman's interpretation, but I find it comes across as "kinder." And so, I like this almost more than the original. I think it's a beautiful piece of work.
    • Wow, I think this acoustic-only version is a really rich, self-contained arrangement in it's own right. The additional elements of the arrangement compliment the core, most certainly, but you've really got a great base to work with here. I'mma gonna hold on to this other version for my own listening purposes, too, since there really is a different tone to it than the posted ReMix. Not better, not worse, just... different. It's definitely difficult to hear some of the more subtle guitar textures in the posted version than it is in this unplugged version, which in some ways is a shame. Oh yeah, I like the remix, too - the overall atmosphere is almost heavenly, as the sound design compliments the lightness of the guitar work under it. The sounds are relatively basic, relying on what seem like preset pads and such, but I'd be damned if I said they weren't effective for the overall arrangement. Great stuff, here.
    • @Kat Thanks for the reply. I'm looking into stuff as I'm still using the fl studio plugins you get at the start, and sometimes they can be less than desirable to work with.
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