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    • I really liked this. You don't see Ridge Racer remixes hardly ever. This is definitely a worthy one
    • Hey everyone! We are somewhat new to posting here, but wanted to share our latest track.  I've been a long time lurker on OCR, but finally ready to start producing/submitting remixes.  This is our first submission, which was submitted a few weeks ago.  Would love any thoughts/comments/feedback on the mix!  

      This is a remix of a really short/simple song in Breath of the Wild that plays at the Flight Range in the Hebra region.  It's basically a more melancholy/chill take on Revali's theme.  I was listening to it in game and got inspired to do a trance remix!  I didn't initially think it was good enough to submit, but I showed it to Jewbei, one of my favorite trance remixers who I have been connected with on FB for years, and he liked it and encouraged me to submit and gave me some tips on my mix.  So a BIG thanks to him for doing that!  We hope it gets accepted, and even if it doesn't we will try again!

      Anyway, without further ado, here is our remix of "The Flight Range,"  which we have titled "Take Flight."  I hope you like it and welcome any and all feedback and discussion!
        Also on Soundcloud for better quality:    Also, on another note, we are definitely looking to make more remixes, and if anyone wants to collaborate some time, let me know!  I play keys (jazz/soul/gospel styles mainly), guitar, and sing, as well as produce with the latest version of FL Studio.  
    • What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
    • Hey everyone, 

      So the unfortunate (or perhaps fortunate for someone) reality is that I have gotten incredibly busy, and I will not be able to give my track the time or attention it deserves/requires in the near future.   

      However, I really don't want to see it die.  Not meaning to toot my own horn here at all, but I think it's a unique and fun take on the theme that is really worth exploring.   

      If possible I'd like to hand it off to someone who would be willing to take what I have done, build on it, and finish it.   

      My sales pitch/about the track

      I rewrote Drachma's theme pretty liberally as a Korean indie/folk/pop  song in the style of the group OKDAL, with a trumpet as the lead.   It has a light-hearted, lazy flow to it.  The idea was that it was a soundtrack for drachma's nostalgic, rose-colored memories of sailing the skies with his family before they were killed.  To that end, the title is "Better Days"  or if you prefer the nod to it's Korean-Indie inspiration "더 좋은 날" (Better Days).  

      I have done the arrangement and written a score of it. I have midi files as well.   The initial feedback I received was that the arrangement is a little thin in a couple places so there's some room in there for some more writing/additional instrumentation. It is however stylistically simple by definition, so there's not a whole lot more work to do there.  I would still be happy to record the trumpet and tin whistle parts for it.  Thankfully recording takes very little time,  it's production that eats up all my time.  The real meat of the work left to be done is production.  right now it is just sheet music, and a few raw recordings.  

      If taking over this for me sounds like something anyone would be interested in let me know. I'd be happy to send you what I've done and explain my ideas for it, at which point it is in your hands to add your own creative spin and finish it off as you see fit!

      I ask only that it be kept in the same general vein as originally intended, and that we credit it as collab.

      Thanks. Hopefully someone who is looking for more to do will want to give this a go!         

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