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    • I will close this off agreeing with most of what MW and Liontamer brought up above. I will point out that the Harpsichord popping out at 0:11 makes sense in the context of when all the music is playing together, but it really doesn't make sense to pop through that much at 0:11. Context is important - if something really soars above the other instruments like that, tone the levels down a bit until it makes sense to bring them up again. There are also considerable limiting issues with the production present throughout, but due to the dirty sound you have altogether that doesn't quite bother me as much as Liontamer. It's something to be aware of, though, and you'd be better off if you fixed your levels so you didn't have those limiting errors in your track. The biggest thing that brings this down for me is the issue MindWanderer brings up, though - the repetitive and static nature of the arrangement. Instruments are generally used in the same manner throughout the entire track - lead doesn't change, the growls are used in a similar manner throughout the track (save for at 1:17 - nice incorporation of it through that part), the drums vary little throughout, etc. Along with the almost straight repetitions that are present in the track, this leads to an arrangement that doesn't have much new to offer the listener after a minute and a half, which is a shame. The ending doesn't feel like it's finished, which almost makes this sound like a solid (if incomplete) work in progress. It's a great start, but I think there's some further development required before we can give it our stamp of approval. NO
    • The harpsichord at :11 was way too loud and upfront. Oh shit, at :22, the lead synth was shrill and even louder than the harpsichord. What's going on here? The levels here really made no sense, and the track's way too compressed. Around 1:17, the plain writing of the core beats was already getting stale; you really need to get more creative with that part, otherwise the whole track feels static like it does now. Also, 1:17 and 2:01 were opportunities to get creative and varied with other aspects of the writing. Instead, the lead synth just has the same vanilla tone throughout, and the same deliberate pacing. At 2:23, we already heard that stuff at :43, and there's essentially no variation there where going to it for the finish. The whole execution feels like an early work-in-progress and -- completely divorcing this from the Standards here -- not up to your own usual standard of quality. I do like you venturing outside the wheelhouse that I'm at least familiar with for your work, Sebastian, but there's a lot of detail work and variation lacking in this piece. With such a brief piece, you've gotta vary up the sounds and arrangement ideas for the source tune, and the balance among the various instruments can't be so off. Rein in the volume, get more varied with the leads and melodic interpretation, and vary up the drumwork. NO
    • I also would like to be more cognizant of the other holidays, 'sides from X-mas and Hallow's Eve.  Gotta at least add in Valentines that's probably the 3rd biggest "thematic" holidays, unless I add in America July 4th as an "ACTION-PACKED" theme or something.  Any other thoughts on said matter?  Oh!  April fools!!  =p  unless you guys think that's too retarded.    
    • Terra Tripmachine is my OCR introduction song. Heard it one day fro something (2003ish? So, maybe Newgrounds or something like that back then), looked it up, found OCR, hung out, conned a bunch of people into making a pokémon album for me, hung out more, make some friends and enemies (friendimies?), and so on. $300 Time Mage hat! Sidebar! UnMod's ultimate end! That smiley thing that we did for some reason! All those things, and many more! All that happened, and we were there for it. It was us, and ours, and no one else!
    • Damn, nearly eight minutes long. You're merciless - making us mod eval people work hard for you. Ah well, you make up for it by giving us some cool music to listen to - it all balances out in the end. EVAL Get started with the good, here - the arrangement is absolutely great. I love the handling of the themes, especially the integration of the various themes throughout (especially utilizing 'Spirit of the Night' as a compositional glue to keep the different sections related - nice touch). When everything is clicking, everything really DOES click. Slick lead work, awesome drums work, and overall a very driven arrangement that seems to tell a story. With a 6+ minute track there's bound to be a few things to point out, though. The aforementioned drums are mixed pretty far behind the mix, which is a shame since they're actually quite well done (particularly, the snare and toms are mixed way to far behind the mix). Letting some more highs through on the snare would be a good idea, as well, as it sounds pretty dull, at the moment. The synth choir that you use in various places (like at 1:12) sounds pretty weak, partly due to the attack on that sample. You don't want it swelling that much, or else on the quicker runs it loses prescence. A similar note can be said on the horns, but for a different reason; tweak the attack a bit so there isn't as much swelling on every single note, as it makes the performance sound mechanical when every articulation is the same. At 4:45 the guitar gets far too wet, there, causing all sorts of clashing in the layering. I dig the delay there - it's a nice effect - but having pretty heavy reverb on top of that is overkill. Tone that reverb down to a minimal amount, it's wet enough with the delay as it is. At the end there is a great deal of silence; be sure to cut that off before submitting. You'd have a decent shot if you submit the track as it is (I would consider giving it a borderline YES, as it stands), but I do highly recommend giving the drum mixing and balancing one more look prior to submitting this, as that drags the track down more than anything. I would love to see this on the panel sometime soon, though, and hopefully posted on the front page, so hopefully my suggestions help you get there sooner rather than later.
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