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    • Glad I could help a bit on this. Yeah, if you raise the dynamics for multiple instruments perfectly in sync it would definitely SOUND like the gain was being raised and lowered. Humanizing the dynamics a bit more would go a long way in fixing that issue. On the organ, though, it actually IS capable of raising and lowering dynamics mid-note - it's one of it's special features. Organists control how much air is being pushed through at any time using what they call a 'swell'. Ironically, what they CAN'T do is change notes individually (in contrast to a piano), so the organ dynamics tends to sound like... well, the gain knob is raising and lowering. The irony doesn't escape me, there - don't worry about your organ dynamics, they were actually alright. Changing the choir sample would be great, but if you can't another possibility is to have the sampler playback start a little ahead in the sample, then adding a small amount of attack to it (like 20ms attack) to soften the impact. If you have a better sample then use it, but that's an alternative you can use if you need to.
    • haha, your probably will hear more soon. Got already some request from users at your Facebook group for synth wave producers.  Since I hit the right spot, but would love to contribute to OCR since I've been discovering many great artists at this place
    • Gario, thank you for the time you took to listen and give me pointers on my remix. Feedback is a big reason why I have submitted then re-submitted this piece. I don't have much time to write and remix music so I consider my skills to still be amateur. I still have much room for growth. You say that you believe that I used gain throughout this song. I did not use gain. I changed the volume using each individual channel volume nob (violin, viola, cello, etc) prior to the grouped channel processing (reverb and EQ). Something that could make it appear that I used gain was that the volume changes are dramatic and done in-sync with each other. I think that humanizing the dynamics would help in this regard. The only instrument that can not naturally change volume dynamically is the organ. I will remove the dynamic changes on the organ and change it to velocity differences between notes. Regarding the snare drum, reverb is applied to that instrument. However, the Kontakt instruments have a reverb applied prior to the reverb that I applied myself. This probably caused the snare to have reverb that was noticeably less. I can certainly change that. One last point, the choir instrument swells into each note because that is how the instrument was made. There is nothing I can do to remove that swell without finding another choir instrument. Since you mentioned that it has become more noticeable to me. I will look for another choir instrument that doesn't do that so it won't be an issue anymore. I am going to revisit this mix later because I do believe it has the potential to pass the judges panel. I am working on another remix that I hope to submit in the future as well. Again, I thank you very much for your feedback and help. Have an awesome day!
    • Glad I could help! No worries about the arrangement commentary - it was just a personal thought of mine. Good luck, and I hope to hear more from you. 
    • Hello Gario, and thanks for the warm welcome. Now I'm a bit blown away by your post. There's so much helpful feedback in it I mostly understand and that helps me a lot progressing this track. Thank you so much!  Yes, I aiming at a submission of it. But before that I will keep working on it. Especially bringing in more variety on the drums, tuning the instruments and their volume etc. I still need to figure out how everything works fine. I startet making music just a few months ago and still have to learn a lot because I don't have any musical background unfortunately. I only hope that you don't going to shoot at me, but I intentionally combined the Church's and Castle's theme since I wanted to come up with something original. There are already many cool remixes of both themes, so I thought I can merge them into one track since they carry the same mood. Thanks again for your feedback! That's probably the best response I ever received - especially for being a newbie on the forum.
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