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    •   Old School Runescape Songs coming into life by a brand new remastered version! SOUNDCLOUD: *Download for Free* VOTE NEXT REMASTERED HERE:  
    • I can't absorb myself in long gaming sessions anymore because I start to feel guilty and anxious about not doing other things. Even if I've sat at my desk and worked for 12 hours I find it really hard to relax in the evenings. Part of me thinks it's because I don't actually want to play games as much in my free time, but i'm so used to seeing it as the only option that I feel obligated to do it out of habit. Heck, if i'm honest they feel like work now in a lot of ways. I've been wanting to get back into Terraria for months but every time I open it I feel overwhelmed about the amount of work it would take to build something cool. Same with Skyrim. Additionally, with the speed games are released these days I feel more pressure to play often so I can actually feel that sensation of knowing a game inside out like I did when I was younger, because to me that was the difference between just playing a game and loving a game. It was so much easier when I would get a game maybe once every 6 months and completely master it because of the multiple playthroughs I would have to do. Nowadays it feels more like a race to just finish the games that are being spat out every week. To remedy things I've started only buying games that I believe will offer me a valuable experience and preferably has a start and an end. I'm putting a serious dampener on games like Fallout that could potentially go on forever, and I've pretty much quit Guild Wars 2, Warframe and anything that has a grind factor like that (though I will get Monster Hunter World because I love the series. To scratch the online competitive itch I play Atlas Reactor, because it's a quick 15-20min game I can play in work breaks on my laptop with little commitment. Forcing myself to reduce the gaming scope has opened up some time for things like reading, which is nice.
    • UPDATE: (Hopefully) The final, fully mastered version. I added a lot of goodies in hope that it fills in the boring parts and make it more "psytrancy".  I think it's ready for submission. Let me know.
    • "Delicate" is the perfect way to describe this track: 2:45-3:05 is just a wonderful tiptoe through the theme, and the care and love this theme is handled with does justice to someone who knows her Terra backstory. Thoughtful, intricate, stellar job here. Man, loving these submissions.
    • Calling this trance seems almost an insult to the song, if only because this is so much more textured and interesting than some of the standard 'trance' remixes of songs. Really, I'm stunned a description could this be different, it's madness. What ISN'T madness is the easy, sinuous quality of this song. I really like how different this is from most JENOVA remixes I hear - it's smoother and more thoughtful. Impressive!!
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