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    Direct Download: https://ia601508.us.archive.org/1/items/OCPLCreditsMusic/OCPL%20Credits%20Music.mp3 This is the OverClocked PlayList, a collection of listener-submitted recommendations so we can all discover music together! This week’s theme is: Credits Music Secret Songs Stephen Bryan The Playlist: Credits Music Isn’t It Wonderful? (Orchestral Version) - Final Fantasy X (Jorito) Katamari of Love - Katamari Damacy (FenixDown) Shattered Departure - Originally from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, ReMixed by VizardJeffhog (Black_Droom) Primal Light - Guilty Gear X2 (Carlos) A Kid-pella - Originally from Bastion, ReMixed by Square Law (Patchpen) Staff Roll - Super Mario 64 (Stalky) Rise from the Ashes - Originally from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, ReMixed by Turnabout Jazz Soul (SquarEvil) Wishing on a Shooting Star - Mega Man Battle Network Legacy: Resonant Transmissions (timaeus222) Credits - AM2R (JosephG) Staff Roll - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Luigi) Staff Roll - The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (Sothen) Credits - Fez (Jezzon) Credits - Pokemon Crystal (harpsona) With the Stars and Us - Persona 5 (Flurry of Flames) Let’s Dance, Boys! - Bayonetta (Rexy) Moving On - Street Fighter III (Liontamer) Bumper music: Late Night Sneakin' - HappyBivouac Jet Set Groove #3 - Hideki Naganuma S.E. Tape - SEGA Oldies But Happies - Hideki Naganuma The Concept of Love - Hideki Naganuma Like It Like This Like That - Hideki Naganuma S.E. System01 - SEGA Extra info: Twitter: @OCRpodcast Bryan: @LordMeldorr Stephen: @StephenKelly180 Discord: https://discord.gg/KJfvAuF Email: podcast@ocremix.org YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ocremix Google Play: https://play.google.com/music/listen#/ps/Ivb42azxllrsxwg7zavtptcho2i iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/overclocked-podcast/id1057063792?mt=2 Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/overclocked-podcast RSS: https://feeds.feedburner.com/OverclockedPodcast OverClocked ReMix is dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of video game music as an art form. Learn more at http://ocremix.org/info/About_Us! View the full article
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    HAHA! This mix is so weird, so creative, so eclectic, and is everything I love about VGM and remixing. Bravo!
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    I made some game soundfonts

    Okamiden Soundfont is here : https://www4.zippyshare.com/v/8BeWH8Ex/file.html
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    In my experience, working with other people does indeed involve waiting, and sometimes that can get a bit frustrating. But there’s another side to it to, or at least for me: being able to work with other people does make it more enjoyable, social and educational. Depending on your individual needs and desires that may or may not be something that interests everybody, but I’ve learned bits and bobs from everybody I worked with, and that is totally worth it for me. But YMMV of course; just wanted to mention another side of it.
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    Thanks a lot for the review! I can relate to enjoying the kind of ReMix where you can feel the magic of the original and still hear a completely new side to it.. so I'm honoured. Btw I could definitely see Portal 2 as very nostalgic.. it's 7 years old already! Say a track was posted in 2000 and it was from a game from 1993.. definitely retro! But our perspectives change
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    So I really need to get back into commenting on tracks; even just to try to just share the love and try not to be as cringe-worthy as I was those years back. And so of course I chose the song with the most downright sexual instrument I could... that bass is downright explicit! That intro; with the emphasis on the upright bass? Oh my; there's more than pillars of salt rising from that. Jokes and puns aside; this really does deserve a touch more attention than it's received over the years. Yes; it has H-samples in it. But would the song be the same without them? Would any other instrument bring that surprise factor? Honestly; with repeated listens, I don't think I could argue any other instrument would work in their place. The "melody" line they play isn't really something you'd get a woodwind instrument to play, and there's no drum that comes to mind that fits with this style of music that can replicate that kind of noise. Aside for that first intro at :34, the "moans" aren't even all that exposed (Heh), with a role partway between a percussive instrument and a lead line. They play with that bass and the heavily Middle Eastern sound, becoming another piece of the auditory soundscape. And as I said, I really, REALLY love that bass. Which is unfortunate, since I'm not allowed to have my bass up high or subwoofer on most of the time. That funky rhythm, those dirty note-slides, it's got real skill in it. Guess this shows the world that there's more uses for the adult animation audio than just meat-beating.
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    I wish I could say we're releasing tomorrow. Nope, not quite there yet. We're working closely with ocr staff to finally get this thing finished. Trailer's been shown at a panel. Audio is just some track length/silence edits and tagging from being done. It's close, but not quite tomorow.
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    Any news? Is there at least a vague release date?
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    OCR03259 - Portal 2 "Motion Sickness"

    Portal was always one of those game series that had a strong musical identity for me, and I can still hear it underneath this ReMix even with the upgrade with a faster retro sounding EDM base, which is cool. I think what I mean by that is that I feel like this mix not only rearranges the source, but also builds and expands on it, making it the artists own while keeping it recognizable. These kinds of mixes are some of my favorites, where the balance between nostalgia (well, as much nostalgia as you can get from a game that really isn't old enough to be described as "nostalgic") and original direction hit just right and ultimately make a song better in my opinion. Great stuff, man!
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    This is the one point I will disagree with you on. Maybe in certain genres starting with something else works, but most music is composed melody first. Actually, starting with a chord is still technically melody first. Great example being that the very basis of part-writing, and how harmony came to be understood today, is by playing multiple melodies at the same time. That's all a chord really is: Different melody lines moving homorhythmically. Pretty much everyone from Bach to John Williams started with a great theme or motif, and harmonized it from there. Not to plug my own shit, but I literally just posted a track for critique over in the Original Music forum before reading this. I started with all the melodies, and built from there. To my ears, it turned out cohesive. So I'd agree that building a piece of music is like building a house, but I'd disagree that the melody shouldn't be the foundation. EDIT: Points 7, 8, 12, and 20 are very, very good points.
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    SoundCloud or YouTube?

    You know what's really strange? I thought you hated that picture, but now it's your avatar. Anyway, I honestly think both are kinda crap now. Soundcloud was great before it got rid of embedded sharing into social media like Facebook, and groups. I cannot, for the life of me figure out why they thought getting rid of groups was a good idea. There is also the fact that it is plagued with bots, or people who feign interest in your tracks and page, only to unfollow and unlike you if they don't get a follow back almost immediately... YouTube is the superior platform in the sense that how you can present your music is a lot better. You can get great After Effects templates and all that jazz. The downside is that YouTube expands more rapidly than our own universe, and it's extremely difficult to bring in much of an audience. Worse still, is that in the last few years, Youtube has become a haven for SJWs and Neck-bearded, fedora-tipping "skeptics"; it's a political cesspool. But YouTube sides with SJWs, and as I've seen videos demonstrating, Youtube will demonetize your videos and make them harder to find even if you associate with someone who is known to disagree with their politics. Not sure if that applies to subscribers, but I doubt it. Back around 2010 - 2013, both Soundcloud and YouTube were absolutely amazing for sharing music. Both have fallen from grace, and nothing has really risen to the challenge of filling the void.
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    Meteo Xavier

    SoundCloud or YouTube?

    That's strange. How or why would the Soundcloud mobile version have a drop of quality that far down? Just something wrong in the coding that distresses the audio or something?
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    SoundCloud or YouTube?

    One major issue with Soundcloud is their mobile app. If you listened to your own music on the mobile app, the quality is horrible compared to the Soundcloud on your desktop or laptop. It fools you into believing that there is something wrong with the mastering. You will hear clicks and pops. Makes sharing your music over the aux at a party or friend's place humiliating. Especially if said friends are familiar with audio mastering. Youtube's mobile app does not suffer the same issue.
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    heh. so last year, after months of working through it, i came out to my wife as a transgender woman and let her know that it was important for me to transition. she struggled with it for a while, but we've been together since high school and have two kids and are ridiculously co-dependent (and being married to a woman is not a deal-breaker), so we're doing pretty well. after meeting with a therapist, i began hormones last fall, and l, since then, I've come out to most of my friends and family to universal support and acceptance. which has all been great. despite my almost entirely positive experience, the whole process has been an ordeal emotionally. I've been working through a lot of internal issues, relitigating a lot of my past experiences, worrying about the future, struggling with myself, etc. I'm not out at work yet (though I'm planning on coming out in the next few months), so that's been another big, soul-crushing source of stress and anxiety. it's been a big change and more big changes will continue to come, even as much of my life remains stable. I'm so much more anxious and stress-filled, but still relieved and excited not to live dishonestly carrying this burden. how bout with you?
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    I remember this from the album eval, and my commentary is pretty close to the same as before: the arrangement suffers from having a density/business to it that gets stale over time, but the instruments are always changing so I can't quite say the arrangement gets 'static'. There's just no place for the ears to rest for a moment and appreciate what's going on, is all. For some reason there's a bit of a focus on the left ear, as well - more instruments seem to fill that side than on the right side. Neither of these are crushing issues, though - just a bit tiring for the former issue and a bit distracting for the latter, once you notice it. The arrangement itself is certainly all there, and I can't complain with the production quality. Great work - it's certainly a solid addition to the SoM album! YES
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    The mix feels super busy right off the start. Not the cleanest production here, but it doesn't completely break down. Loved the arrangement and those short time signature change breaks. Also any vocoding is a plus for me. I think this song could've used a break somewhere, it's too busy ALL the time, and it gets very tiresome towards the end. Even a 15 second section where things calmed down would've improved the listening experience tremendously. I need to mull over this, as I'm borderline right now. I'll finish my vote later.
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    Quite a busy track here, things kick off fairly suddenly with guitar and brass riffing. The groove developed over the course of the first minute of the track was gradual and well executed. 1:24’s vocoder break was great and unexpected. The subsequent synth solo and organ afterwards were a cute addition. 2:47 presents us with another solo, and a short vocoder section closes us out. The song feels like it crams in a large amount of content for the tidy duration. A couple thoughts after listening - while things were quite busy through the course of the mix, there wasn’t really ever a time where the soundscape was too full, which is a testament to good mixing. A slightly more developed intro and outro would have been to the track’s benefit, as I feel things started and ended a little too quickly. I also felt that while the source was there, it would’ve been good to have thrown in some verbatim use of the main melody as opposed to the faster more embellished version found here. Otherwise, solid job. YES
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    I was not expecting such an energetic and unique take here, and I actually had to take a moment to adjust. Nice work on pulling off such a radically different (and fun!) take on this source. I do think the second half suffers from being over-cluttered, but I was able to hear the main parts clearly enough and it doesn't bring it even close to a NO. Hopefully someone can confirm our correct, but I think this source was the one that Kikuta said was his favorite when he was asked (by me!) at the Otakon Q&A years ago. Fun times and this mix is lovely. YES
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    This arrangement is certainly a lot of genre-defying fun, just what one would expect from these two. There are a few production oddities. The brass conflicts with a few of the other instruments, the robo-voice especially. There are some strange dips in volume periodically, making it sound like the track is starting to fade out just for a second before coming back in. This especially stands out because the arrangement is overall lacking in dynamic variation--there aren't any gaps, breakdowns, or any other breaks to prevent auditory fatigue from setting in--so those small volume changes are more pronounced. I don't think either is a dealbreaking issue, though. This is still clever and fun, and the production is more than adequate. We'd need lyrics before posting this, of course, but otherwise I see no reason not to. YES
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    Tips on writing a bass line

    Listen to music that you'd like to emulate and study what the bass does. Relying on theory only works if it is from an analysis that you can extract from relevant music. "Rules" are derived from the analysis of trends. Theory is descriptive, not prescriptive.