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    Mine's up! By my calculations this is my first finished game remix of any kind in like 4 years.
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    Thank you so much @Trism I'm really glad to be part of this, Terranigma is definitely a big part of my youth and the Evergreen's track brings memories! Keep in touch
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    **NOTE: Most of the discussion is taking place on a Discord Server, but regular project updates and claim/track status will continue to be posted here** Well, it’s been suggested a few times before, but this time it’s for real! Let's make it happen! Project Concept Golden Sun and Golden Sun: Lost Age, two games each representing half of a larger story, took gamers on an incredible journey through the rich and varied world of Weyard. Golden Sun saw you charged with the noble quest of preventing the destructive powers of Alchemy from being unleashed upon the world. Lost Age turned the tables as players found themselves in control of the first story’s antagonists, desperate to restore this ancient power. This story of discovery, exotic locales, forgotten histories, hidden motivations, heroism and desperation, was beautifully embodied in Motoi Sakuraba’s incredible soundtrack. Though it was well received by critics, Golden Sun never enjoyed the popularity of some of its other jrpg bretheren. Nevertheless, it continues to have a dedicated, and well-deserved fan-base. With the 20th anniversary of Golden Sun’s release coming up in in 2021, there could be no better time to bring this series and its music back into the light! Project Director: TSori Art Director: Orioto Sound Designer/Masterer: Rotten Eggplant Web Designer: ????? Remixers: Bluelighter Deedubs Ganaé Glejs GuitarSVD Ophanin pu_freak RebeccaETripp Rotten Eggplant Sam Dillard Silent Ice Siolfor the Jackal thevorace ThirdKoopa TSori Performers (Primary instrument underlined): Deedubs - Piccolo trumpet, Trumpet Earth Kid - Harp, Piano, Vocals (female), Hammered dulcimer, Recorder, Ethnic percussion GuitarSVD - Ehru, Classical Guitar John Stacy - French horn, Alto, Tenor, & Bass Trombones. Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Euphonium, Tuba, Alto clarinet. Joseph Jung - Violin Rotten Eggplant - Vocoded Vocals Siolfor the Jackal - Electric Guitar Sixto - Guitar TSori – Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Tin whistle, Melodica Other Assistance: John Stacy - Mixing, Arrangement TSori - Sheet music transcription Finished WAV Evaluators: Darkesword, MindWanderer, Sir_NutS What We Need (ripped from OOT album thread and Arcadia legends album thread because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it) · Arrangers/Remixers to conceptualize and complete remixes. This is where the bulk of the work will be! · Performers who are experienced with any type of instrument and have a high-quality recording setup. · Visual Artists to create accompanying pieces of art for each track or "scene" in the project. · Sound Designers interested in mastering and sound design for the project. · If you're interested in contributing to one or more of the above areas, please get in touch with me. Auditioning / Claiming All remixers wishing to claim a track should PM me and post in the thread. We'll go from there. Once a track is claimed, a deadline will be set that is reasonable. Deadlines are explained in more detail below. Be sure to check in at least once a month so we know you haven’t fallen off the edge of the map. Genre Guidelines There is no basic genre one should adhere to when remixing tracks for the album but rather focus on a genre that would bring out the best in the track chosen. That gives remixers a lot of leeway in remixing a song the way they want with final product approved by Album leadership. Vocals in songs are also okay if implemented well. Using multiple source tunes from the soundtrack as fine, as long as the primary focus of the remix is on the core tracklist. Collaborations are also highly encouraged! Also, the intent is for this to be an official OCR album, so remixes must meet the appropriate standards. Deadlines Deadlines will be based on the date which a given track is claimed, but can be modified as needed. The starting point will be: -Initial WIP (something that shows you have started): 1 month after claim -Significant WIP (solid remix concept and progress toward completing it): 3 months after claim -Finished Arrangement (only mixing and/or recording remains)- 6 months after claim -Finished WAV (complete)- 9 months after claim Missing a deadline without communicating with the project director (for a month or more) could result in your claim being dropped! That said, life happens and we want this project to be the best that it can be! Stay in touch, and we will make it work! The Track List Golden Sun/ Lost Age has an ENORMOUS soundtrack. For that reason, we’re focusing on just the first two entries of the series and excluding Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. If you’ve got an overpowering need to get something from Dark Dawn in here, PM me, we can talk bonus tracks, but let’s keep the focus on GS and GS:TLA Even with Dark Dawn excluded there are nearly 100 tracks in the soundtrack. I’ve tried to reduce it down to something more manageable, and to give remixers some more freedom in track selection I’ve created several “grab bag” slots. Grab Bag slots can be filled by any track on the matching list. i.e. Town 1, Town 2, and Town 3 will be any three tracks chosen from those on the “Town” list. It’s up to you! Also feel free to mix multiple source tunes from the list into one remix. Once we have all the “grab bag” slots filled, any other tracks from those lists can be done as bonus tracks. Track WIP Status Red - Unclaimed Track - 19 Yellow - Claimed Track, no WIP yet - 10 Purple - Initial WIP submitted - 5 Blue - Significant WIP submitted - 1 Cyan - Finished Arrangement submitted - 1 Green - Finished WAV submitted - 0 Bold Green - Finished and Mastered Track - 0 Claim Tracking Format Source Tune - Claim: XXXXX ( ** denotes a collaboration)- Title: XXXX - Genre : XXXX - next deadline: XXX XX, XXXX Core Track List (Final order will be determined after all finished WAVs are submitted) 1. Page One 2. An Adept's Home - Claim: Ganaé - untitled - Genre: Orchestral - Significant WIP Deadline: Apr. 27, 2019 3. / 4. The First Book / The Elemental Stars - Claim: Sam Dillard - Genre: Orchestral - Initial WIP deadline: Mar. 2, 2019 5. The Angarian Journey - Claim: pu_freak - untitled - Genre: TBD - Initial WIP Deadline: Mar. 5, 2019 6. Hopelessness - Claim: TSori** - Title: "Angarian Vigil" - Genre: Flugelhorn & guitar - Finished WAV deadline: Oct. 16, 2019 7. Forest's Requiem - Claim: RebeccaETripp - untitled - Genre: undecided - Initial WIP Deadline: Mar. 4, 2019 8. The Royal Palace 9. Saturos and Menardi / Battle! [Saturos and Menardi] - Claim: by Bluelighter - untitled - Genre: Orchestral - Significant WIP Deadline: May. 4, 2019 10. Mercury Lighthouse 11. Happy Towns 12. Set Sail! Through the Karagol Sea 13. Tolbi 14. Venus Lighthouse- Claim: ThirdKoopa - untitled - Genre: TBD - Initial WIP deadline: Mar. 2, 2019 15. The Second Book 16. Walking Forward with Determination 17. A Full Moon in Garoh -Claim: GuitarSVD - untitled - Genre: Ehru & guitar - Initial WIP deadline: Feb. 28, 2019 18. Ruins of Lemuria 19. Full Speed Ahead - Claim: Deedubs - untitled - Genre: TBD - Initial WIP deadline: Mar. 5, 2019 20. Jupiter Lighthouse - Claim: Glejs - untitled - Genre: TBD - Initial WIP deadline: TBD (tech. problems) 21. Alone - Claim: Ophanin - untitled - Genre: Orchestral - Finished Arrangement Deadline Aug. 1, 2019 22. Mars Lighthouse 23. Battle! [Doom Dragon] - Claim: thevorace - untitled - Genre: TBD - Initial WIP deadline: March 16, 2019 24. The Final Beacon - Claim: Silent Ice - untitled - Genre: TBD - Initial WIP Deadline: Mar. 6, 2019 25. The Golden Sun Rises - If anyone is up to the challenge, I would like this remix to be a kind of grand finale to the album, the more remixers and performers it features, the better! Of course, if you have a better idea just let me know, I can be persuaded. *Grab Bag Slots* 26. Town 1 27. Town 2 28. Town 3 29. Cave 1 30. Battle! [Felix] - Claim: Rotten Eggplant - untitled - Genre: Psytrance - Significant WIP Deadline: May 4, 2019 31. Hero Battle 2 32. Battle! [Saturos] - Claim: TSori - untitled - genre: 70's Rock w/ Brass Leads - Significant WIP deadline: Apr. 21, 2019 - Arrangement help needed!!! 33. Boss Battle 2 34. Magma Rock - Claim: Siolfor the Jackal - untitled - Genre: Metal - Significant WIP Deadline: May 4 2019 35. Dungeon 2 36. Dungeon 3 Town (3) Kalay Oriental Alhafra Drums of Daila Little Madra Freezing Kalt Yallam Frozen in Prox Wintery Imil Mystical Shaman Village Apoji Islands Cave (1) Cavernous Shadows Mysterious Caves Crossbone Island Dungeon(2) Air's Rock Aqua Rock Gaia Rock Tundaria Tower Inside the Great Gabomba Desert Heat Hero Battle(1) Battle! [Isaac] Battle! [Jenna] Battle! [Ship] Boss Battle (1) Battle! [Boss] Battle! [Non-Adept] Battle! [Agatio and Karst] Battle! [Colosso] Battle! [Fusion Dragon] ***Project Update - January 27, 2019*** I will be posting project updates like this on the 27th of every month (and likely more often). I decided I would do the first one as soon as we had a track claimed by someone other me. Thanks to Ganaé, now we do! Darkesword has also graciously offered his services as an evaluator once the WIPs start coming in. I've lengthened the WIP deadlines a bit. Also, in regards to track claims i plan to cut any unclaimed tracks 5 months after the original post was made. That's June 15th of 2019. Hopefully they will all be claimed well before then, but if not, I just don't want the project to end up dragging on and on because a couple tracks are still open. ***Project Update - February 2, 2019*** We are picking up some momentum now! It's my pleasure to welcome GuitarSVD, Ophanin, ThirdKoopa, Sam Dillard, and Glejs as remixers, as well as EarthKid, Sixto, and Guitar SVD as performers, and also Orioto as our art director! I have been talking with several other ReMixers who are making their track selections now. I expect we've got quite a few more claims right around the corner! (not bad for two weeks in!) *** Project Update - February 6, 2019 *** Well it's only been 4 days since the last update, but there has been so much happening in that 4 days its warranted. We now have an album title! Golden Sun: A World Reignited will breathe new life into the Golden sun franchise just as the elemental lighthouses did into Weyard. We also welcome remixers: Bluelighter, Deedubs, pu_freak, RebeccaETripp, Rotten Eggplant, and Silent Ice. Rotten Eggplant will be taking on the mastering role for the album Deedubs and Joseph Jung have also joined the album as performers We have had 16 of 36 tracks claimed and 6 WIPS submitted. We are building some incredible momentum and the first few WIPS are nothing short of fantastic. Look out OCR, Golden Sun: A World Reignited is headed your way! *** Project Update - February 17, 2019 *** This week saw a bit quieter progress as everyone has settled into working on their tracks. Even still, we have new WIPs from Bluelighter as well as my collab track with guitarSVD. We also welcome thevorace to the project with his claim of the Doom Dragon theme. That's 17/36 tracks claimed with more on the way!
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    So this was a bit of an interesting track for me. I wasn't really sure how this song would be realized since the original melody was pretty rough to work with and interpret. So imagine my shock and surprise when @TSori came back to me with a trumpet heavy version of Drachma's theme which was a far cry from the more formal and somewhat steadfast mournful tune that one could describe Drachma as being. However, it was very sparse, light in the polish department and definitely in no stage to present as a final track. @TSori himself said he wished he had more skills to make it into the vision he wanted. I told him not to write himself off just yet, because I actually liked the direction he took the song. Knowing that @Deedubs had helped @Supercoolmike out on his track earlier on the album (Which @Supercoolmike should totally submit for eval and approval to OCR!), I took a chance and asked him again to see if he'd assist in helping @TSori out. @Deedubs was gracious yet again and found the challenge invigorating since it caused him to pare down his style rather than build it up, a unique remixing endeavor! What came out of this collaboration was a charming mix that can't help but bring a smile to my face. And the best compliment of all? Whenever it comes on the car stereo, my boys refuse to have us turn off the engine or get out of the car until the song finishes playing! You can't get better feedback than that!
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    Results time TheVideoGamer posted a bonus mix. PlanarianHugger got the last place wooden spoon with 3 points. AxLR wasn't far off with fourth place and 4 points. Dudley Ghost received 9 points and gets 3rd place Bundeslang knows how to receive a wooden spoon, but this time he got 11 points and second place. And the winner of PRC386 is Blakeingram with 12 points (with unanimous decision). Blakeingram congratulations. Even tough the difference in score is small with 2nd and 3rd place, you won by unanimous decision. You may pick the source for PRC388. This round will be a single source round. Send the source to me (with a MID/MP3 file, otherwise send a second source with a MID file) by PM, other options are PM me @ ThaSauce or by e-mailing to bambombim@gmail.com (I prefer a PM @Ocremix). Send your sources as fast as you can, but before next Wednesday (6 February 2019), 10:59 AM ThaSauce time (18:00 UTC, 19:00 GMT). You may select any source from any game, but not a source with an OverClocked remix or a source which has been used in PRC before. An overview of the past PRC's can be found in the following links (I recently updated this site): http://sites.google.com/site/bambombim/prc http://bambombim.googlepages.com/PRCRemixList.doc (also downloadable via the link above). PRC387 already started:
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    MnP 99: Elemental Masters - End Credits

    This is how the corruption sets in. First he's entering his own contests, next thing you know he's running for President.
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    MnP 99: Elemental Masters - End Credits

    You're completely out of control with your rule breaking.
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    Sometimes with movies, you don't just have an awesome theme, but there's also a brilliant "suite" on the soundtrack that takes you through many of the different tracks in a great journey. This is that suite. Amazing stuff from all involved and it's great to hear all of these live performances! Epic stuff guys!
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    Also, please welcome @Clement Panchout to the project! He's going to be picking up the Evergreen source. He linked me to some of the his previous work offsite and I am VERY much looking forward to hearing what he does with this track. Welcome aboard, Clement!
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    *A MINOR ANNOUNCEMENT* (By which I mean the announcement is quite small, not in the key of A minor. Unless you want to sing along to this post of course. That's totally your choice.) I'm happy to announce that @Jorito will be joining the project staff as Co-Director and @Odai will be moving across into a Project Advisor role. Jorito has a lot of experience with getting album projects completed and up to the required standards, and Odai (as the OG project creator) is staying on to provide assistance where he can and will generally be around the place. Both of them will be copied into all direct messages with remixers so don't be surprised if they weigh in on WIP feedback or similar. Thanks again to everyone involved with the album.
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    Bit Wig Studio?

    Yeah I've been using Bitwig since release and I don't think I will need to switch anytime soon. The strong points of bitwig are the modular possibilities, the sandboxing of VSTs which is the absolute best of all the DAWs I've tried (and I've tried almost all of them except Logic) and the quick workflow it offers. Also, I'm not sure if this is a thing nowadays but you can use 32 and 64 bit VST2 and VST3 devices on the same project without any issue. I know I had issues with this in a couple of DAWs a few years ago (Sonar comes to mind). However, it's also a relatively young DAW, compared to the mainstream ones that have been around for more than a decade, so you might find here and there some stuff that's considered "basic" in other DAWs is not yet available in BW. So if you want to switch I recommend trying to at least make a couple songs on it to see if you're going to miss anything pivotal from your previous DAW. Overall, I've always said the best DAW is the one you know. Don't switch for the sake of switching. But if you're curious about having a modular DAW with the best VST support then check BW out. A note on Reaper: it's cheap, and also has a vast feature list. However in my experience it was very clunky and the workflow never quite clicked for me. Even after doing some deep customization on it (which is one of its strong points, as it's highly customizable) I just couldn't feel at home. I did produce a few songs on it but left it after BW came out, whose workflow clicked for me quicker than any other DAW before it. So be warned that Reaper is famous for having a steep learning curve, but also packing tons of features. edit: Also, I have a Nektar LX48. The nektar controllers are basically made for BW's workflow, specially if you're into live performances.
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    **2 WEEKS POST-RESURRECTION** The two week 'grace period' is over and I've got to say I'm extremely pleased with the amount of people who have returned to the project. We have no less than 15 finished tracks from before we went on hiatus and from wonderful remixer's who finished their tracks while we were away. @Chimpazilla has also very kindly agreed to return as our resident mixer/masterer for the project, so I'd like to say a massive thanks to her as well. Sadly however there are a few people who have decided not to rejoin or haven't been back to the site for quite a while and as such haven't replied to my message from two weeks ago. As such there is a brand new list of source track available for claiming, which is included below. I'll be asking @Odai to update the opening post in due time to reflect this as well. If anyone is interested in picking a source please drop me a DM and we'll discuss further. I will be looking to get this album done, dusted and delivered by December 19th, 2019, which is the anniversary of the EU release date of the game (thank you for pointing that out, @Jorito!) That means that we'll need to get all tracks finalized and evaluated by September in order to give the site staff time to do their thing. Due to the slightly tighter deadline I'm going to be asking remixers for updates every 2 weeks, not necessarily a full WIP update but just a check-in at the very least, though I will of course be flexible where the need arises (I'm not a *complete* monster. Mostly.). AVAILABLE TRACKS: DISC 1: REST (Generally calm and ambient/happy) Sanctuary Southern Rhythm Nomads in the Desert Call at a Port DISC 2: QUEST (Generally upbeat and positive/driven) Overworld DISC 3: BATTLE! (Generally dark and brooding/heavy) Dr. Beruga Boss Fight A massive thank you to everyone who has returned or even just responded to my increasingly delirious messages over the last 2 weeks. The real work now begins in earnest.
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    8-bit music theory

    This may have been posted already but... This channel is great.
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    Spin the Wheel - Number 3

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    Hmm I hadn't considered that angle. Honestly I don't see a problem with it? I'd be interested to hear other peoples' takes though.
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    @TheVideoGamer Your updated MIDI was excellent, thanks for sharing that with us My bonus entry is in!
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    Voted, I may sound harsh on my votes but i tried to be as objective and as constructive as possible.
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    Well that's a relief to see that season 16 starts so well ! Good luck to everyone, this round is competition-worthy !
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    Bit Wig Studio?

    Maybe it loads quickly on Windows, but on Mac it’s a bit of a tired old dog. It loads slowly, and the GUI also slows down on bigger tracks. These are all known issues, and the devs are working on improvements here, but wrt. performance Logic beats it without even trying. Of course Logic has been incredibly optimized for MacOS, where Bitwig’s focus has been on other aspects, and it only affects you if you run on Mac, but I thought I’d point it out. There is a lot of other stuff to like about it though!
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    Good to see some activity here again! I did dust off my arrangement of Crysta and was able to recruit some help for it... I think it's gonna be pretty cool Two-weekly WIP updates might be a bit much for a hobby project, IMO. Life has a tendency to get in the way and leave you unable to work on music, in my experience. Frequent check-ins/status updates (maybe just monthly in stead of bi-weekly) rather than WIP updates might be an alternative to consider for such cases. For Resonance of the Pure Land that worked quite well, as a means of keeping each other updated and to prevent radio silence and ultimately dropped tracks, but ymmv. Just sharing some ideas here! Looking forward to get this going again!
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    Bit Wig Studio?

    I have Bitwig and did a few tracks in it (posted remixes, even). It is pretty cool, a bit of a mixture of Live, Logic and Cubase, looks like. With the upcoming Bitwig 3 you even get a modular synth build thingie inside of it. Best ask @Sir_NutS about it, the resident Bitwig advocate I never worked with Reaper, but my impressions is that it’s a very flexible, more traditional DAW that you can (... must?) customize to your hearts content to make it work for you. YMMV. Ultimately it all depends on what you want and what you’re using now. A different DAW can inspire you to do different creative things. Or it can annoy and confuse you to no end, My go-to DAW is Logic Pro, but sometimes I do a Bitwig track just to try different things. But that only works if that other DAW is different enough from your regular one. So... why are you considering to switch/start using another DAW?
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    Hanging Waters

    What the Heck is that chord?

    Full answer: The chord (as part of the entire song struture) is a VI maj, so in the key of the song (C# minor) that would be A major. As other have said, there is some half step dissonance, although the dissonance isn't a half step above or below the root of the chord, but rather it's below the third of the chord. The actual pitches she sings are A, B# (C), and C#. The A is the root of the A major, whereas the C# is the third. The B# (C) is just an added dissonance; if you wanna put a name to it, technically the voicing she's singing creates an Amaj (#9) or Amaj (+b3) chord, but those are super ugly words. Contrary to what someone suspected above, it's not actually a minor major chord, but it does sound like minor major because of the B#, which is the major 7th relative to C#.
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    Hey.. Back with a new Atmospheric Trancey Drum n Bass Tune! Enjoy The Spacey/Fantasy Trip
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    Hmm... Well, I'm willing to go back and re-listen to the track with this in mind, especially since I actually really did enjoy this arrangement otherwise. I'm sticking to my guns on my criticism, though, since that remains unchanged - the mixing of the leads is consistently problematic throughout the track, often getting buried completely. However, looking back at a few other decisions I'll check to see if this is actually a deal-breaking breaking issue. Looking at this from a different perspective, while the mixing is problematic throughout, it's oftentimes a bearable issue, only really burying the lead at 1:23 - 1:46 and 1:53 - 2:30 (2:30 - 2:40 the lead is an octave out of the range of the background, helping it stand out). Much of the rest of the track the lead, while not being mixed much differently, does stand out because it doesn't share the same register as the backing instruments. For those paying attention, this is often an easy fix if you're having issues with the lead getting buried in the middle/background: just bump the lead up an octave. Seriously, this can fix the issue about 50% of the time, since often it's less a mixing issue and more of a crowded EQ range in a soundscape. It's still a mixing issue here, sure, but having it share the same soundspace as the accompaniment really compounds the issue. Rather than being an unbearable issue throughout the track, it's closer to being a noticeable issue throughout, with it being really problematic for about 20% of the track. Yeah, I think I might've come down a little too hard on this the first time around, but please pay attention to how you mix your leads in the future in order to save your future projects from such discrimination. YES
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    Game over for VGMix? NOPE

    Thanks for that, downloading it. Although I do have great information: I have all of VGMix 2 and VGMix X remixes. "Apollia" sent them to me. I started a video series showcasing some of the great ones: Go ahead and READ most of the video's description, for all the information that's needed, until I think of more to add. I rarely know which direction to face in these remixing communities to find the people I need to get maximum impact out of sharing the entire archives with people. I'm not sure where to get to the highest order of this community's gathering to have the biggest event possible, to show everyone there that these remixes are not lost forever to the void. So, I can upload them whenever I get enough attention for giving them all out, lol. Apollia herself has told me that she would be even far less likely to speak up / without being shy about it. As for me, I would post this under my Audity account (which I did several posts ago), but this forum changed a bit, so I just used this account that I created in 2005 (it had the password right in the e-mail I received for it in 2005, LOL).