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  1. Why not try the fine libraries at Impact Soundworks?! Our gorgeous Tin Whistle: https://impactsoundworks.com/product/ventus-ethnic-winds-tin-whistle/ Frame Drums: https://impactsoundworks.com/product/forest-frame-drums/ Highland Harps (Celtic Harp, Lap Harp, Lyre): https://impactsoundworks.com/product/plectra-series-2-highland-harps/
  2. Straight Ahead Jazz Horns - Available Now! Impact Soundworks is proud to announce Straight Ahead Jazz Horns, created in collaboration with Straight Ahead Samples! This revamped library features over 75,000 samples of 13 solo brass and sax instruments perfect for jazz, funk, pop, R&B and more. Each instrument is deeply sampled with a variety of crucial techniques and ornaments, all totally customizable with our TACT system of articulation control and mapping. We're also introducing Smart Voicing technology, the easiest and most fluid way to create fully-voiced ensemble parts to harmonize your melodies. Available in our Multi Ensembles, all you have to do is play a chord in your left hand and play a melody in your right to get authentic, hand-written harmonies voiced for your ensemble - while keeping all articulation mapping, legato, and other settings. Smart Voicing is not only deeply customizable with different voicing and chord options, but can even be used with Kontakt's "Send MIDI to Outside World" feature, allowing you to send generated harmony MIDI data to any other plugin! Full Instrument List: Lead Trumpet Trumpet 2 Trumpet 3 Trumpet 4 Lead Trombone Trombone 2 Trombone 3 Bass Trombone Lead Alto Sax Alto Sax 2 Lead Tenor Sax Tenor Sax 2 Baritone Sax Multi Ensembles: 4 Trumpets 4 Trombones 5 Saxes All Brass Full Ensemble Pop Horns Key Library Features Over 75,000 samples, available as 16 and 24-bit Two distinct mic positions True legato and glissando for all instruments Up to 4x dynamic levels / 5x RR per note Total Articulation Control Technology (TACT) Extensive options and tweak settings for all instruments, ranging from legato/gliss timing to three (!!) separate dynamic x-fade types Ready-to-go FX rack (analog EQ, compressor, delay and convolution reverb) Smart Voicing multi ensembles Articulations (varies by instrument) Sustain, staccato, quarters, staccatissimo, fortepiano Falls, long falls, doits, scoops, flops Bends, shakes, turns, legato, gliss Availability The library is available now for Kontakt Player at MSRP $249 with a deep discount ($199 off!) for owners of the original Jazz Horns library by Straight Ahead Samples. Click here to read more and purchase! AUDIO DEMOS https://soundcloud.com/isworks/sets/straight-ahead-jazz-horns-demos LIBRARY WALKTHROUGH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPLJUW1t92s SMART VOICING TEASER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeUmKPa7eeI
  3. Right, exactly. I also kinda doubt that their VC sales are going to be very good, given that they have a bad habit of not porting over your previous purchases (at all, or without a fee). Consumers are not going to be interested in paying for the 3rd or 4th time for the same VC game.
  4. Wellll so to be clear, I meant a Netflix / Spotify pricing model but not *streaming*. I don't think streaming makes sense. NES and SNES games are so tiny that imo Nintendo could get away with something like Spotify's offline functionality. You pick the game you want, it downloads (basically instantaneously) and you can play immediately. You must connect to the internet every X days to keep your purchase authorized. Simple. I don't see how this model could possibly fail them. I think that when it comes to retro gaming, consumers are far more interested in a smorgasbord-style model as opposed to picking one game and playing only that game for a month. That's why all those plug-and-play systems come with lots of games. Keep in mind I'm also not suggesting paying $10 for just the retro game library and nothing else. That functionality would be the added value proposition on top of online play, which again, Nintendo is charging for. Keep in mind that Sony and Microsoft already do this, except their extra titles are far more limited for what you pay every month. Nintendo can (and should) offer up their entire library as long as you are subscribed to the service. It's a great way to encourage people to subscribe even if they don't plan on doing a ton of online play. Imagine! Switch - Not just the best way to play great new games, but also enjoy a massive catalog of classic NES and SNES titles... at home OR portable. Only on Switch. Done.
  5. The NES Classic hype hasn't stopped so I'm not sure where you're getting the "and then realized..." bit. Clearly people have a a huge soft spot for nostalgia, especially people who don't want to deal with emulators or don't know what they are. There's a reason why plug-and-play systems have endured for years and why people flock to stuff like the Retro Duo, Trio, RetroN-5 etc. They want to play retro games and don't want to deal with emulators, carts and hardware limitations. Sony's PSN service has been extraordinarily successful. But Nintendo's back catalog is even better, IMO. Throw a dart at a "Top 50 Games of All Time" list and you're likely to hit a classic Nintendo game (NES, SNES, GB, N64). They can and should still offer individual titles for purchase on the VC. However a streaming subscription service is something consumers will eat up and makes for the best value proposition. Imagine if that was part of the Switch launch! Instead of getting 1 game, for 1 month only, you get access to hundreds of games - "Only on Switch with Online Premium" (or whatever they want to call it). I guarantee people would go for it just like they went for those other things I mentioned.
  6. I think Nintendo made a big mistake on slotting Breath of the Wild for WiiU as well as Switch. There are definitely people (myself included!) that have a WiiU and would prefer to just wait on the Switch for more games to come out. But it's better for the Switch and Nintendo if people adopt it early, which fuels 3rd party developer interest, which fuels more games... etc. By releasing BotW for WiiU, some % of people will just get it for that, and wait on the Switch, when really that should have been the awesome new launch title. The other thing is that Nintendo has not only been shooting themselves in the foot with the virtual console and new proposed online service, but blowing the entire leg off. Plenty of commentators have said this but it bears repeating: Nintendo has one of the greatest game catalogs of any developer/publisher. Just look at all the hype for the NES classic. Now imagine if they said hey, for $10/mo you get access to all VC NES and SNES games, Netflix style. For $15/mo, you get N64 too. They would be printing money. I'd sign up for it without a second thought. To see them propose $10/mo for online play and a single game is ludicrous.
  7. New build today! This one is huge. Since my last update here in November the game looks better, has way fewer bugs, way more content, more quality of life features and options... it's just way better. So your feedback is greatly appreciated! Play for free!
  8. I think an N64 or PS1 *style* expansion (maybe SAC 2?) would be cool, much like how we approached SNES. Licensing is also more of a possibility given that the publishers involved in that era are more likely to be around. I get what you're talking about - sounds that are real-ish but still fake... kind of. It's charming! But in terms of immediate plans, retro PC systems are next in line
  9. The downloads slowing down is a browser/computer/ISP thing... Or possibly hard drive. Our servers are the same ones used by Steam (highwinds) so they SHOULD be pretty fast.
  10. My first and last track of 2016, featuring a solo by Mr. Sixto Sounds. Really enjoyed making this and I couldn't be happier with how it came out. Here's to a music filled 2017.
  11. Yes, feedback is extremely appreciated! That's the #1 reason I'm posting these builds. It's still very early on but I nonetheless want the game to be polished and bug-free. This is a bug, I must have caused it in a recent build. What's supposed to happen is that the weapon breaks, is destroyed, and a message appears saying its destroyed. It should be totally removed from your hotbar, equipment, inventory etc Oh you absolutely can, just use the arrow keys / numpad keys. The game can be played entirely with keys - that's how I play it. The UI scaling needs some work - this is an area I'm the least experienced with, so this is noted and it will be fixed. Agreed, and also I know the equipment/inventory screen needs work. Almost all the UI is programmer placeholder, and I'm not an artist... Sorry again this is just my shitty placeholder UI which means it's not nearly as informative as it should be. It's also not actually a complicated system, but the in-game help / tutorial is also not as good as it should be. Let me explain: Every job comes with 4 core abilities. To take an ability to another job, you have to spend JP. Once you do this you "Master" the ability, and you'll have it even if you switch jobs. So for example if you start as Sword Dancer and master Flame Serpent, then switch to Brigand, you will take Flame Serpent with you. If you don't master it, you'll lose that ability when you switch jobs. Right now you can master any number of abilities. You should be able to scroll the skill list with the arrow keys. If that's not working then... oops! The game uses a Charge Time system. When you hit 100 charge you get a turn. But you can also gain more than 100 CT per turn - various effects and abilities can influence this. Thus when you accumulate 200 CT you will take a turn, and then another turn. Your character sheet (C) shows your current CT and CT gain. This is probably a bug... If it happens again and you stop playing, can you send me your game log? On Windows I believe it's in users/____/AppData/LocalLow/Impact Gameworks, something like player.log or similar.
  12. Big new build today with a new job and a job revamp (so it's like two new jobs!) Check original post for the deets.
  13. Big new build today! More dungeon types, bugs fixed, class sprites, Brigand and Floramancer abilities have been strengthened.
  14. New build went up today with the basic save/load system, a new class, and a whole host of other fixes and improvements!
  15. To predict the capabilities of the Switch it may be worth looking at the iPad Pro, which AFAIK is the most powerful ARM-based tablet. The Pro has a faster CPU than the PS4 or Xbox One but an inferior GPU. It's also $800. https://www.reddit.com/r/apple/comments/3u5sdc/curious_ipad_pros_benchmark_numbers_vs_xbox_360/ Now, the iPad Pro has a display of 3.1million pixels and a 9.7in screen. The Switch will be smaller and cap at 720p, so it need only display about 25% of the pixels. The display will doubtless not be of the same quality as an iPad Pro in other ways (i.e. will be cheaper.) The Switch would also not need some of the hardware of the Pro. No high-end camera, fingerprint sensor, etc. If the GPU of the Switch is something like a GTX 1050 in terms of performance - that would be the low-end of Nvidia's Pascal architecture - it would be at least on par with the PS4/Xbox One... And a 1050 has relatively low power draw and pricing... I'm cautiously optimistic!