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  1. OK - Have you contacted NI support directly? Please try that next and CC aaversa.isw@gmail.com. They are asking that I send individual people their way so they can figure out what's going on.
  2. This is 100% an issue with NI service center. They released an update somewhat recently that severely broke registration, at random, for many users. Stay tuned.
  3. Super Audio Cart v1.1 is now available! Pick it up and read more about the expansion here: https://impactsoundworks.com/product/super-audio-cart/
  4. Yeah the upgrade would absolutely be flat $50, so you wouldn't lose anything by getting the Player version and upgrading later.
  5. Update v1.1 is coming out tomorrow with a LOT of new stuff! Also, we want to hear from people who are interested in SAC but have not purchased it: Would you buy a 'Player' version for $99 that has all the same content, but does not allow editing of the sounds or making custom sounds? For example you could load up a 4-layer sequence patch and edit basic stuff like volume, pan, and pitch, but not edit filters, envelopes, FX, mod matrix, etc. Basically a ROMpler vs. the full synth version for $50 less.
  6. You can set the MIDI channel in Kontakt Player too! See the camera icon to the right of the Super Audio Cart text? Click the button to the right of that, it will switch to a view that allows you to specify MIDI input channel.
  7. Yes, I've extended the code a little longer!
  8. Thanks! And happy birthday to my bros as well!
  9. Yes sir, works in the free Kontakt Player. Just check that v5.5.2 (latest) works on your computer. I believe they dropped compatibility for XP and some old OSX versions.
  10. Thanks for the kind words on Super Audio Cart! Yes, the key to creating good SNES style samples is primarily focused around very tightly editing + looping one-note instrument samples. You must keep the size very small. But before you even render that sample, you need to make sure it is set to MONO with a max sample rate of 32khz. (Or if you want to keep the samplerate at 44khz for practical reasons, use a very sharp lowpass to cut off everything above 16khz.) If you are using a bass sample or similar you may want to go down even lower to 22 or 11khz. Once you have your downsampled audio, you will want to do authentic bit rate reduction (BRR). You can search on Google for various BRR encoding tools out there. Most require you to do some stuff in the Windows command line to actually encode the samples. Essentially you want to encode the samples to SNES loadable format and immediately decode back to WAV, which gives you properly compressed/filtered audio. Lastly, using a looping app like EndlessWAV (free) you can very tightly edit, trim, and loop the sample until the final result is - at most - 20 kilobytes or less.
  11. Happy to announce just a handful of features to be included in the upcoming FREE update to Super Audio Cart, slated to arrive before the end of the month! Remember, this isn't the entire list, so if this gets you hype... well, you're in for a treat. 1. New sound sources from the VRC6 and ultra-rare VRC7 Japan-only expansion chips for the NES/Famicom. VRC6 adds more pulse widths and saw waveforms, while VRC7 includes a palette of FM (!!!) sounds. 2. The ability to use generated ADSR envelopes as modulation sources. Imagine ADSR modulating FX, for example. 3. Filter ADSR and pitch ADSR, plus depths, as new destinations in the mod matrix. 4. 100 new snapshots.
  12. Anyone on this forum should have gotten an email about it! If you didn't, PM me and I will give you it
  13. PMed! Re: Demo, it's difficult to do a demo with a Kontakt Player instrument. We're looking into it to see if it's possible but no ETA yet. As Jose said though that is why I recorded over an hour of video walkthroughs showing ALL the features in big detail.
  14. @Chernabogue You got the forum email discount, right?