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  1. Yeah I fell off the wagon big time with our move. I'm up to 180lbs or so but my waist is about the same. I don't think I lost much strength. But it's a new year and I've got a gym again, plus an elliptical in the basement. Shooting to get back to working out 4-5 times a week with resistance training ~3 days and cardio on other days (a solid 30 mins on the elliptical). Plus cutting again naturally. 
  2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers Inside!)

    Maybe you missed some of his dialogue. He made the decision to get out after his first battle, which was the first one shown in the movie. He saw a friend / colleague killed in front of his eyes, and was then asked to kill innocent women and children. He hadn't done any fighting at all before - he was in sanitation. So as soon as he saw all that, he wanted to leave. Sounds perfectly human and natural to me.
  3. One Punch Man

    People don't care about cities being destroyed probably because the anime is satire... it's not meant to be taken seriously. I love it tho.
  4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers Inside!)

    I absolutely loved it. What an amazing return to form for the series, and in and of itself just a great movie.
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  6. Best Headphones for listening/composing music?

    It's a good club.
  7. Final Fantasy VII is being remade for PS4

    Who says Final Fantasy can't be strategic though? That's a failure of game design, and not related at all to turn-based combat! There are so many ways to make things more interesting, many of which have been done very well in other turn-based non-tactical RPGs. Here are 5 off the top of my head. 1. Give different types of monsters properties that affect who can hit them and when. For example, flying monsters that can only be hit by certain weapons or abilities, elemental creatures, etc. 2. Re-position monsters and PCs throughout the fight, like in Chrono Trigger, affecting the hit box of various abilities. 3. Change battle conditions during combat forcing people to make tough choices on the fly. For example in FFX, there was a boss that could reliably one-shot you unless you had the zombie status. But if you had that status, you couldn't heal yourself. It was cool. 4. Don't have obvious ability scaling like Fire, Fira, Firaga, where there is no reason at all to use the lower-level spells. Make more powerful spells and abilities leave the PCs open to attack, take longer to cast, take longer to recover from, etc. Make it more of a tradeoff to use those powerful abilities. 5. Limit the resources of the player. Restrict the max # of potions, or make them harder to get. Space rest points out more. A lot of JRPGs become really easy because you can stock tons of tents and potions and just heal up after every fight. Roguelikes are turn-based too, but they are frequently way more challenging because you have very limited resources. If every lost hit point and magic point matters, that encourages players to think more about finishing battles quickly (while expending resources) vs. conserving resources but taking more damage etc.
  8. Final Fantasy VII is being remade for PS4

    Remake looks awesome, I can't wait. I do think it's hasty to judge the soundtrack based on music heard in the trailer. For AAA games, it's extremely common for trailers to be done with no input from the game's composer(s) whatsoever. Sometimes it's just licensed music from a library! Other times it's written by *another* composer who didn't work on the game proper. Also, for a game of this scale, it's very likely that the music is nowhere near done and might only be finished toward the very end of development. All the more reason why they would use some other track in the trailer. Anyway, what does everyone have against turn-based battles?! You make me so sad! It's possible to make turn-based combat tactical, fun, and fast-paced: FFX did a good job, I think. Action system are fun too (I loved Crisis Core) *but* you inevitably sacrifice some level of depth and control unless there's a system of totally pausing the action to assign commands and targets. The tradeoff is that it usually feels faster, more integrated, and responsive... which is not always better than the alternative. So many JRPGs unfortunately fail at good turn-based combat, but that's less a failing of the combat system, and more a failing of game design, direction, and balance. In a bad turn-based system, animations take too long and break up the battle. In a good one, commands are executed almost instantly and with just enough flash to feel good, but not so much that it interrupts the flow of things. Even better is when multiple characters end up acting at once (or overlapping), like in Suikoden 2, which helps resolve things even faster. If the optimal strategy for most battles is just 'mash X to win', that's definitely not fun, but a turn-based system doesn't necessitate that kind of design. Some of the very deepest, most tactical games out there are completely turn-based, stuff like Tales of Maj'Eyal for example.
  9. Jessica Jones

    If the show director(s), runners, producer(s), writers etc. decided to devote lots of time to sexual conflicts... wouldn't that make the show more about that? Maybe that's actually what they wanted to do? Maybe your expectation was off.
  10. Computers for Composing

    My computer is all ssd now. No mechanicals; just 840 and 850 EVO/PROs and an M2 SSD for OS. Looove it.
  11. Tropes vs. Women / #GamerGate Conspiracies

    My point is that if we're trying to stop a bad thing (in this case, censorship), going after people who aren't prescribing censorship seems so much less productive and useful than going after people who DO advocate censorship. Even if the first group is using bad rhetoric, they aren't calling for the bad thing itself, whereas the other group is. Again I really have to compare this discussion to religion & fundamentalism. If someone wants to say that they think homosexuality is a sin because the Bible said so, BUT they believe gay marriage is fine, is it really worth arguing with them...? When there are people who are actively saying it's NOT fine, trying to change the law to discriminate against gay people, etc?
  12. Tropes vs. Women / #GamerGate Conspiracies

    Regardless of whether it's the same 'trick' or not, again, it's the conclusion that matters more than anything, and the conclusion here is benign.
  13. Tropes vs. Women / #GamerGate Conspiracies

    OK. I'll address specifics.   My giant issue with your points is that you're saying these videos are not just "flawed argument(s)" - which I don't disagree with - you're calling them bad, and constantly linking them to actual censorship. I find that to be way too much of a 'slippery slope' fallacy, using fear of censorship to try and discredit someone who, again, has never so much as suggested it in any videos. Here's how the very first tropes video concluded: "... it's still important to recognize and think critically about the more problematic aspects especially considering many of these franchises are as popular as ever and the characters have become worldwide icons... The good news is that there is nothing stopping developers from evolving their gender representations and making more women heroes in future games." I don't see ANYTHING in that conclusion to justify the fear or link to censorship and nothing you've said has budged me even an inch on that. If you want to debate the merits of the arguments themselves, fine. Like I said, you've contributed to changing my views there over the course of the thread. But everyone using censorship as a sort of bogeyman to discredit the videos and Anita herself... I don't know. Those kind of arguments and attitudes are the ones that really have led to so much real-world misery and harassment. People get this idea that "Anita is trying to take away our games!!!" and use that as direct justification of (and motivation for) despicable actions. That's why I think the distinction between advocating censorship, and merely advocating critical thinking and careful consideration, is so important. Twisting one into the other is in PART what has led to so much harassment, doxxing, death threats... etc.
  14. Tropes vs. Women / #GamerGate Conspiracies

    Yep, I do use lazarus so I haven't lost the post. Maybe something with lots of quotes and formatting? In any case, it encourages me to keep the post brief! So here we go.   My viewpoint is that there is a really big, black-and-white distinction between prescribing censorship and anything else. Even if the reasoning is in part the same as people that WOULD advocate censorship, I still don't think it's problematic until that line is crossed. It's the difference between:   "Alcohol can cause impaired judgment and lead to drunk driving. People can die! Therefore, we encourage you to drink responsibly." and "Alcohol can cause impaired judgment and lead to drunk driving. People can die! Therefore, alcohol should be banned."   There is such an enormous difference between these two statements. And likewise, there is an equally enormous difference between:   "The use of certain tropes about women reinforces negative cultural attitudes. Therefore, we encourage game developers to not use these tropes." and "The use of certain tropes about women reinforces negative cultural attitudes. Therefore, games which use these tropes should be banned."   One statement encourages infringement upon rights and freedom. The other does not.
  15. Tropes vs. Women / #GamerGate Conspiracies

    Huh. I can't post in this thread anymore. I don't mean "I don't want to", but I've tried making the same post ~6 times from two different browsers and it just won't go through.