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  1. SRP isn't a superior guitar, it's a different guitar. Most guitarists have a wide variety of guitars at their disposal depending on the tone and sound they want, and virtual guitars are no different! SRP *is* more flexible than IBZ, meaning it has a very well-rounded tone, but being a jack of all trades means you can't excel in any one thing. IBZ is more aggressive than SRP, period. It has a thinner tone with emphasized pick attack. That is highly desirable for a lot of styles. Plus if you do have IBZ you can get SRP for only $79 instead of the intro price of $119 (soon to be $139) so there's that, as well!
  2. RIP Prince

    When someone dies, it's goodto honor them by remembering their best qualities and their finest moments. For some musicians (actors, celebrities, whatever) that might mean things they did earlier in their career. That's not wrong, that's just being respectful. Plus even if you don't think he was relevant since the height of his popularity in mainstream culture doesn't invalidate everything he's done since then. As far as 'big artists from the 70s and80s' go he had a very prolific career writing albums and touring all the way up until his death...
  3. Street Fighter V

    I do agree with him (and newt) that the characters feel a little same-y compared to previous iterations of the main series. Not necessarily the LOOK of the characters but how they play and what their strategies are. Plus some of the movesets seem a little slapped together. But I guess that's what happens when you givemany characters 4 special moves, plus 4 EX moves, V-Trigger, V-Skill, and CA. There's gonna be more overlap.
  4. Street Fighter V

    Nash's V-Reversal is basically a get-out-of-jail free card. On the other hand, for 2 bars, I can basically cross someone up, do about 20% damage, and get a knockdown guaranteed...
  5. Street Fighter V

    Man, defending against rushdowns is definitely hard. Especially against 2000+ LP players, I feel like it's a constant barrage of block strings and if you slip up even once, you lose at least 1/4 your health bar. For some characters I'm getting a sense of the frame timing and block stun but there's so much to memorize... like I went up against Vega for the first time today - 4 matches total - and lost all 4. Each time I got a little better but because hardly anyone plays him, I still have ALMOST no idea what his priorities are like, hitboxes, normals, etc.
  6. What games got better over time?

    Not exactly what was asked, but Earthbound is a game that became much more appreciated over time. When it came out and for some years afterward, it was viewed as just a mediocre Dragon Quest-type game with obsolete gameplay and graphics. But gradually people began to really appreciate the game's very unique story, art style, and humor. I think the Internet helped a great deal with that.
  7. Street Fighter V

    I'm really starting to get a feel for this game, and I'm winning way more in ranked now. Probably the hardest thing to deal with is relentless aggression from almost every character. Like Tom (newt) observed, pretty much the entire cast wants to rushdown in one way or another. In order to beat those tactics you HAVE to get a feel for frame data... which is a big pain even with this limited cast, especially since EX + sometimes V-Trigger versions of moves have different timings. I couldn't imagine what it would be like if the cast were as big as USF4.
  8. Street Fighter V

    Ah man. Balls.
  9. Street Fighter V

    How do you punish Ryu's blockstring that has the 2x MP -> light hadouken, as Nash? Actually I seem to have that problem a lot, I sit there for a long block string and then don't have anything to punish with (my go-to is cr.mk but it's often out of range)
  10. Street Fighter V

    OK since people keep telling me how good this game is I bought it. Again. And this time I just picked one character (Nash) and only played with him instead of switching around. My mentality this time was to completely ignore the V-Trigger/Skill stuff, command normals, and target combos, and just focus on special moves, normals, and EX moves (no super yet.) And surprisingly I'm doing all right. Once I get the hang of all that stuff I'll add in the new mechanics one at a time.
  11. Street Fighter V

    Most of that stuff still boils down to execution complexity which isn't what I'm talking about... I don't really know why I'm still posting about it though. I didn't enjoy the game and said why. Fin.
  12. Street Fighter V

    Haha yeah Vega's claw dive is a little bullshitty. It IS blockable and you can knock him out of it, it's just hard. It CAN cross up but doesn't always, which makes it hard to deal with. I agree it's "simpler" in terms of executing moves. No 1 frame links and more lenient inputs. But I disagree that it's "simpler" in terms of mechanics compared to 4. They took out ultras and focus attacks and added V-Skills and V-Trigger, while leaving in EX moves.Seems like the same amount of extra stuff to me.
  13. Street Fighter V

    We should both be working right now... The HDR combo video isn't a good comparison. Like he says at the beginning they're prohibitively difficult, requiring unrealistic setups. High level SF2 matches don't look anything like that, ever. Here's an example of very high level play... It's almost all spacing and poking with proper timing on special moves. Very few combos outside of the most basic stuff, and even then most of the health bars are being depleted through pokes. This is my kind of fighter. My experience in SF5, even at the lowest level casual play, was that people were throwing out long combos regularly. My opinion is that memorizing those strings is tedious and adds unnecessary cruft. It also makes matches take longer. I'm not a fan, for the same reason I didn't love SF4. What sealed the deal for me was playing against a Ken as Ryu. I could read him a mile away and punished blocked shoryukens with a two hit combo (I think cr.mp into hadouken or something, standard stuff). He whiffed a lot and made mistakes left and right. But my punishes only did about 10% damage. Meanwhile, if I made a mistake, he'd get 33% of my health bar with some long combo string. Yeah I could spend hours in training memorizing the combo strings, V-cancels, which EX moves combo into which other moves. But I just don't want to.
  14. Street Fighter V

    You're talking about difficulty of inputs... I'm talking about cruft. Stuff that, to me, takes away from the experience, and forces you to memorize more 'things'to be effective. For example... in SF2, I play a lot of Fei Long. No command normals. He has 3 special moves and one super. That's it. You learn his normals, those 3 moves, and the super, and you can pretty much do anything with him.Now when I tried to play Rashid in 5, he alsohas 3special moves (plus 1 airborne special), but each one has an EX version too that behaves a little differently. He has 5 command normals. Then he has a unique V-Skill, which itself has several moves attached to it, plus a V-Trigger which changes even more of his move list. Plus a super. Maybe 10 or even 5 years ago I would have had the patience for all of thatbut I don't anymore. Ilook forward to the new games by Seth K. and Sirlin that bring the focus back entirely to reading + spacing.
  15. Street Fighter V

    For me, it still has the same amount of cruft as SF4. Yeah, maybe the 1-frame links are gone. But there's still just too much extra stuff that, to me, takes away from the essence of spacing, footsies, poking, etc. I couldn't get into it at all. I can play SF2 all day without memorizing a single combo longer than 2 hits and actually win. But with 5 it's back to memorizing 4 normals into a special move, V-trigger cancels, and all that. I don't have time for that kind of thing anymore. I REALLY went into this wanting to like it after hearing it hyped so much.I was crushed with disappointment when I had to return it. Just had 0 fun at all.