View Full Version : *NO* Adventures of Bayou Billy 'Baile del Bayou' *FT*

09-17-2002, 09:36 PM
I think my remix may have "slipped through the cracks" after I submitted it. Here's the info on where to find it.

Game: The Adventures of Bayou Billy
Remix Title: Baile del Bayou
Genre: Latin Rock (or something like that)

Thanks for your help. Hopefully this can get in the judging queue soon.


Disco Dan
09-17-2002, 11:32 PM
nope. This one didn't slip through the cracks. I can tell you there's a reason it didn't get posted. Actually it may have slipped through the cracks, but if djp DID hear it, I think he would have passed it on to us, or just not posted it. So I'm saying:


and here's why.

While the percussion is relatively creative, anything else that sounds cool to me in this song basically sounds cool because I remember the original and what it sounded like and how I enjoyed it. So basically, the only thing this mix has going for it, in my opinion, is the original music. And actually, despite the stereo separation in the percussion, everything else seems very dry and unprocessed, which is fine for some stuff, but it sounds really weird here. On a more personal note, I don't really prefer the choice of sounds for the melody and accompaniament, but this is kind of subjective.


09-18-2002, 12:23 AM
Okay, the percussion was kinda neat at first, but around 2:10 I'm just getting annoyed with it. It doesn't seem full enough to me. And although I don't think the arrangement is too bad, after listening to the original song I must agree with Dan, this doesn't deviate a lot from the original. I'm kind of torn though, because the artist has made it sound better than the NES format (which isn't too hard to do). But I'm gonna have to vote no on grounds of unoriginality.

Vote: No

09-18-2002, 01:04 AM
The percussion is the first thing I notice - Nothing fantastic about - Just a repetitive basic latin drumbeat. I mean, it's not horrible, but what comes soon after is quite that. Thix mix lacks dynamics - The percussion is the only thing panned, and not even all of it is realisticly done so. Though, this mix does boast with a catchy melody - Just doesn't cut it. NO

09-19-2002, 02:51 PM
Yeah, DarkCecil's right - the percussion sounds creative at first, but it's just the latin equivalent of '4 on the floor'. While it's not as bad as I expected from reading the other reviews, this could definitely have benifitted from some panning and some processing work. Since my policy is to ask for a re-submit when something could be vastly improved with a relatively small amount of work (just panning the instruments and slapping some reverb on would improve this!), I'm gonna have to say No