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    • I agree with Steele's comment.  Good job, this is a pretty cool track!  I particularly like the section from 1:50 onward. 
    • Brad, I have to ask - what is your thought on Intel's optane memory, especially in regards to secondary HDD acceleration?  Only resource I can find that talks about this is this linus tech tips video.
    • Thank you for the criticism and suggestions, it really means a lot! I'll try posting a new version sometime next week.
    • Ditto to this.  I built my first machine 2 years ago and consulted with him about the various aspects of building a PC that could be used for music.  Brad was a huge help recommending parts to use and I ended up with an awesome PC that was right on budget.   In short, Brad is a stand up guy. Buy from him.   
    • Well, it's been exactly a year since Speeding Towards Adventures was released here (that was a fascinating experience, btw, thanks everyone once again <3), and I think it's time for me to try something else  Anyway, some time ago Darkesword created a topic where he metioned that he would like to see Sonic 3D Blast covered (both soundtracks, of course!) and when STA got released I expressed my interest in directing such a project. I've been thinking a lot about it recently, so I'm certain I must give it a try! Let's do it! So, what we need: ReMixers. If you're interested in claiming track, just let me know. Everything here is fairly simple - the process is your usual "first come, first served" with one small exception: if you have at least a single track posted on OCR (or at least in the to-be-posted list), you can make a claim immediately. If this is not your case, then you are required to send me a WIP with a strong vision and idea. And also good production. Visual artists. Obviously, some album artwork is necessary, but it's not a must-have at this point, I'll make an update later here. However, you can already express your interest if you'd like. A feedback assistant. I'll be honest, I'll really appreciate any help here, so if you have interest in providing constructive feedback, send me a PM! Thanks! A co-director. If you're absolutely sure you will be able to take some responsibilities in process of directing a project, you can try to lend me a hand. This will be much appreciated as well Performers. If you have enough experience with any kind of instrument, and you'd like to help us, just inform me about it, and I'll add you to the list of performers here. I'm sure people will be grateful for your help! Sound designers. Want to help out with sound design and/or mastering? Cool, then join us! Deadlines: actually, I think I'll try to create a system with individual approach, so there will not be a set consequence of dates for everyone. But please, try to remain in contact with me, especially if real life stuff keeps worrying you too much. Of course, if you don't send an update for a long period of time, you will no longer have this claim, so, again, keep in touch as much as possible! No genre restrictions here, so you are free to do whatever you want! Tracklist: Red - no claim Green - claimed, no WIP so far Purple - claimed, initial WIP Orange - claimed, significant WIP Blue - finished Bold blue - finished and mastered Disc 1 - Mega Drive/Genesis:   Title Screen (+Menu Screen?) Green Grove Zone Boss 1/Boss 2 Rusty Ruin Zone Spring Stadium Zone Diamond Dust Zone Volcano Valley Zone Special Stage Gene Gadget Zone Panic Puppet Zone Final Fight Credits Disc 2 - Saturn: Title Screen Green Grove Zone Boss Rusty Ruin Zone Spring Stadium Zone Diamond Dust Zone Volcano Valley Zone Special Stage Gene Gadget Zone Panic Puppet Zone Final Fight Credits If you'd like to claim some short track that is not listed here (maybe you're interested in a jingle medley or something), let me know!
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