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  1. Umm... http://blogs.sega.com/2012/07/14/get-behind-the-wheel-as-wreck-it-ralph-in-sonic-all-stars-racing-transformed/ ...okay.
  2. I'll put in $50 dollars by the end of the week. Someone actually donated $5000? How's the process of making the soundtrack going to work?
  3. I'm going to wait until August to purchase my ticket, only because I need to wait and see my schedule for the fall semester (I might have to return to FL after magfest and fly back a week later) If anyone has a room already and needs another person to split the costs, PM or reply to me.
  4. Larry made this list a while ago. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=38274&highlight=wedding
  5. I wouldn't consider you a novice.Also, count me out for the first few rounds. I need more time to practice
  6. Sonic Genesis anyone? Given that I don't have a PC, PSN, and my XBLA account expired, I might miss this one. But otherwise I'm interested.
  7. We should petition the guys in charge (aka bribe Inverse Phase) so that we get a decent time slot for the OCR panel. Also, if someone has a decent video camera, I would be down for recording and editing all the panels. EDIT: Should mention I live nearby, so I could deliver the video to one of the staff. EDIT2: Brushfire, how much is the room for all 4 nights?
  8. IT'S HYDRO CITY! Will you be selling the physical copies at MAGfest?
  9. I will go even if I have to join the homeless for a few days. I'd be willing to split a room with peeps. I'm going to wait a bit before buying my ticket though (already went passed my spending quota this month, and I need to book my flight). There is no way in hell I will miss another MAGfest, apocalypse be damned!
  10. I've been there once, and will definitely go again if anyone from here wants to go. They also have gaming merch in the store. I am this close to buying a Minecraft shirt!
  11. Nonamer

    BitGen 7

    If I can get a ride to and from DC, then I'm game. Otherwise I have to sit this one out.
  12. Is it because you can feel the sunshine? I personally find the music to Sword and Sworcery calming (baring a few of the intense tracks).
  13. When would this actually take place? If it's going to be a month, I can spend some time to practice. If its next week, count me out for the first round.
  14. I would love to be a newb for this. I would just need time to practice learning my chords. It might be a good idea to try to pair people up according to what software they use (ie I use Logic Pro, so link me with Rozovian), so that they could send each others projects back and forth...
  15. Same, though the pace of Melee was much better for me. I actually don't think there will be too many additions from the Namco pool of characters. Pac Man was never really prominent on Nintendo consoles (to my knowledge), and they probably won't include any one from Tekken for its violence. The only reason Snake is on there is cause Sakurai and Kojima are best buddies.
  16. I'll try to decide by the end of the week. My July schedule has suddenly been freed up, and want to attend somehow (at least to the concert). Two questions: 1. If I'm not that into anime or Japanese things in general, what do you suggest I do (either in advance or at Otakon) so that I don't get bored/look like a fool? 2. Should I stay at a hotel/house in Baltimore or commute back and forth everyday from DC? My budget is really limited after buying the tickets and getting to/from Baltimore.
  17. You made the PokePimp outfit? That was the best thing at MAG 9!
  18. *Looks up BitGen 7* ...I could go to that...
  19. Only heard a few tracks, but I already look forward to seeing them live at MAGfest 11!
  20. And I can't commit until I know what lodging options are available...what a catch-22... In all seriousness, I want to wait until I hear back from a potential job before I go. My current budget is $500 for the whole trip. The plane alone will be $300-350, and with Amtrak I would miss work. I'll be getting the $70 pass, and food will probably be around $50. Do you know how much the hotel room costs (if we split it)? Worst case scenario I'll stay at my parent's house and only go one day, but then I'd miss all of you guys. That or get my sleeping bag out of storage. EDIT: Does your friend have room? It's okay if he doesn't.
  21. There is now a 65% percent chance I will go to this. Just curious...does anyone have any extra space at the hotels? EDIT: I should mention I will pay for part of the room.
  22. Got my 3DS yesterday...along with Kid Icarus uprising. Still learning the ropes, but the 3D is pretty nifty. I'm mostly waiting for better games to come out. No friend code yet since I can't access the internet...
  23. My faith in Disney has been somewhat restored... Also loved the Eggman cameo... EDIT: Holy crap there are a lot of properties being shown here. I wonder how they got the rights...
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