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  1. Time to Complete: 2 hours Source:
  2. Some ear Candy: Sources: & linking the two plus serving as the outro:
  3. Reviews...vivisection** (not vasectomy...actually, that's a procedure that I need yesterday. TMI? Too bad!)...dissections...post-mortem analysis? [edit] I already got a review from Rozovian. Just want a few secondary opinions before I crack my knuckles and get to work. Thanks!
  4. I've always liked this tune, and I put together something incorporating two ideas. Edit 4 25 19 Ok, so this is a rough section/rendition that I have posted at the bottom, I am mainly wondering about the "lead guitar". I don't know if it's up to par...besides that, I don't think the balance is quite right.. I am going to have/already have more than this: I am concerned about elec guitar lead...Thanks!:) Edit 4 27 19 I'm still wondering about the guitar mentioned above, but this time I have added an acoustic guitar/flute section at the beginning. That is me playing the flute here:) The
  5. Hey there, everyone. (Very) Long time lurker, first time submitter. First, though I wanted to make sure the mix/master is there. It's metal, so it has to be aggressive, but I don't want to smash everything to bits and pieces, you know? Anyway, smashed together a combo of the title screen and "Long Distance" from Revenge of Shinobi. Also made sure to arrange them in such a way that it's not a medley. Here's the original title screen music. Here's the original "Long Distance." Here's the Soundcloud link. Hope everyone's having a great day!
  6. Hello there. This is my first time on this site, and I wanna share, and possibly submit, a remix I've created. It's a remix of The Tendas' Cave from Earthbound, as stated in the title. It turns the normally slow and mysterious song into something fast and bold. A couple melody lines from The Lost Underworld, the area in the game right afterwards, are also present. I got inspired to create this remix after playing through Earthbound the first time last year. It also helps that basically no remixes of this song exist from what I've seen. It's already technically completed, but I am wil
  7. Hey guys! I went for a 70's progressive rock vibe on the Mining Melancholy song from DKC2. I would really appreciate some feedback on my remix! Thanks in advance! Here's the track https://drive.google.com/open?id=19bdhBVMXV2Yw4JNO0EJePApFyERmksLt
  8. Here's the Great Fairy Fountain as a jazz waltz. Just got a new bass VST so finally I have all 3 (piano, bass, and drums - the triforce of jazz). This style is really fun, and I like to think I've gotten a little intimate with this sound lately. I'm trying to take a pretty traditional trio approach here, mostly influenced by the trio album Red Garland's Piano. A somewhat obvious influence for the waltz is Bill Evans. Taking some notes from past submissions about structure problems. I think this one has that all fixed up and has a pretty clear structure. I modified the original
  9. Title: Not decided yet Source Game: Aquatic Ambience - Donkey Kong Country Link to the Track: https://clyp.it/zoeithy5 Comments: I have been practicing a lot since I got an EWI. This track is just an amalgamation of all that training into a single piece, with all of the new things I have learnt by playing with it (I can't belieive I didn't get a breath controller til now hahaha). Influenced by Coltrane at moments, I hope you like it!
  10. Hey guys Ages ago I had heard a cover of Marble Garden zone done by Danny Baranowski, and I loved his take on using vocals to do the melody of a game song. Anyway, I had done a cover of it ages ago (super heavy, screaming vocals, terrible mixing) and thought I could revamp it with a new, less garbage growls style. After ages of doing a bit of on-and-off work on it, I got it to a point where I was happy enough with it and said: "screw it, it'll do." The link is below - the idea of the cover wasn't to pay homage directly to Marble Garden, but rather to Danny's work. Hope you like
  11. Hi Everyone! Sorry I've been away for a bit with many things getting in between me and coming here more often! Here is a new piece I've finished: Hyrule Castle. It's an arrangement for Orchestra of the Hyrule Castle Music from Breath of the Wild, Twilight Princess and WindWaker. I did my best here to let the different themes mix and flow into each other here, which I'm quite pleased with. I do hope you enjoy!
  12. Did this for Dwelling of Duels this past month. Haven't submitted here yet, because I figure it might be considered too conservative. I can always go back and insert another part or two, but as someone who sometimes just enjoys listening to a straightforward take on a tune, I'm kinda reluctant to. So if anyone has any ideas, or thinks it's good to submit as is, I'm open to your 2¢.
  13. This was done about a week ago. I learned to play it on Piano early this week and decided to do another remix of it. I think this one turned out very nicely. A remix of Ray/Zena-Lan Hard Armor theme from Cyber Brawl. Femme Jazz Armour CG - Cupcom5 Here's the video of the original
  14. reworked into two Movements from this thread: this is the first movement: Also Thank you to @Jorito for recommending Virtual Soundstage 2. that helped this track a Ton.
  15. Preparing my piece for resubmission, would really like to get some critical review before I do that, however. My main concerns are overall balance, reverb use, transitions and blending. Also, any ideas for a good ending would be appreciated! (I don't want to leave it how it ends but I'm having trouble coming up with a believable end). If you detect anything else of concern, please don't hesitate to make it known! All your help is appreciated
  16. Damn, it's been more than two years since I actually finished a track and even longer since I've posted here. This originally was an idea for the Shounen Jump Remix Album, but I never really got around to actually working on it until a few weeks back. Yeah, I know it's very conservative arrangement-wise, but I'm still rather proud how it turned out, and I'm interested in a professional opinion or otherwise I'll probably microtweak it until it's broken https://www.dropbox.com/s/f16bw9fhlhc18l7/Yami - Magic Knight Ray(v)earth.mp3?dl=0 Original
  17. Remix of two songs from the game. Aim was to keep the calm, at times, minimal nature of the originals, but in a dfferent genre. Originals: Remix: https://sites.google.com/site/vspaine/wips/Near Sights.mp3?attredirects=0&d=1 Any feedback appreciated. Cheers
  18. In what seems to be a misunderstanding of the usual OCR process, I already e-mailed this in (derp). But let's pretend I didn't! This is a somewhat doomy/sludgy metal take on this tune. I'm pretty happy with it all in all. Feel free to feedback away! Original: My hot take on it:
  19. This arrangement was originally made a couple years ago for an album, but due to life I was unable to work finish it(or do much related to music for a while). I've finally found the time to get back into music, and I'd almost forgotten about this. I've polished it up a bit, but for the most part I consider it finished. Original:
  20. I emailed the submission in correctly, I will post the video here in a few for a review. Phantasy Star IV: Air Castle Arranged Remix This took me a LONG time to finish up and put together. X'3 My Youtube name is Kuta9000 by the way and it's my first remix. Source: If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask. If something needs to be fixed with my arranged remix let me know. I worked too hard to find out super late that my remix got a few errors in it!
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