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  1. Here's me toying around with this melody that I've always liked and hardly get tired of listening. Original (SNES version): My take so far: After playing a bit with it, I'm starting to like it as much as to make it a whole remake song and I feel like sharing what I have so far. Any feedback is always welcome Cheers and hope you enjoy if you know and like the original
  2. In my attempts at getting the desire and drive to compose music back, and for the sake of testing some new guitar tones with the Legion freeware amp, I made this the other day I think I could turn it into a song with vocals, but even if that doesn't happen, I think this is a satisfying metal tone. Let me know if you agree or not.
  3. Just a little track I've been working on - it's for a sci-fi themed game I've been working on with a friend. This is likely going to be a battle theme - Note that it cuts off rather abruptly because it's made to loop. The in game version will be a .ogg with proper looping and the Soundcloud version will be the "full" version, when it gets to that point. Feedback is welcome and appreciated. Not my usual genre and I know the mixing is subpar right now.
  4. Just a little work-in-progress arrangement of Spear of Justice. An orchestral arrangement was the obvious choice. Right now it's very conservative, but I plan to flesh it out into an actual remix at some point.
  5. Hello everyone! I'm currently working on a Secret of Mana medley, with heavy riffs and cool orchestration. It is far from finished, but I thought I could do with some fresh and critical opinions to keep me on track, as I tend to over-listen my tracks when I'm working. Regarding the song, there is four different parts, and more to come: The intro, based on "Fear of the Heavens", but with a complete opposite feeling (hence the title). I wanted to turn the earie/mystery inducing feel of the original into something more like a fierce-warrior-marching-against-the-gods kind of epic stuff. I may have managed it (you tell me), but I feel the part still lack something, in the build-up maybe. The second part is made of really cool boncy riffs, based on "Dancing Animals", but I may have been a little to much side-tracked in the end. No orchestration here. As in the source name, I want this part to sound like a giant bear headbanging. The third part is the exact same thing as the first part FOR NOW, but I'm planning to give it more personnality in the future. I'm keeping the same kind of mood (and the same source, of course) The fourth part is a really lazy draft concerning "Spirit of The Night". I wasn't sure if I would put it here now or not, but then, it happened... ^^ Here, I want to have really emotionnal solos and this source is rather perfect for it (I personnaly call this part "Spirit of Metaaaaal"). The transitions are a bit off (mainly between 2-3 and obviously 3-4). I'm open to ideas! I'm rather confident regarding composition, I'm far less concerning mixing/mastering, so I am reaally open on this subject. Thank you for your feedbacks (and sorry for the poor english, it is not my mother tongue) The sources: The ReMix in progress: The old versions:
  6. It's been a long time since I last posted anything on OCR; and when I used to, I was still learning a lot about MT. After some inspiration, I composed a remix of 600 AD from Chrono Trigger. Let me know what you think could use some work. Highs, lows, mids, clipping, etc etc. I think the lows need a little work, but your opinions on where and what else; would be great. The name was inspired by a few things: The Jewel = The Pendant. That Begot = gave rise to; brought about. Destiny = What the party achieved.
  7. Needs an ending + drums (blah...) other comments?
  8. Hey there everyone. I recently built a new computer, so I had taken kind of a long break from making music while I run around reinstalling all my programs. However, I think I got everything back now, so I decided to start this remix of the surfing theme from Black and White. It has been a while since I've done music stuff, and I'm honestly not all that good to start with, so it's kinda rough still. Mainly, to me, it just sounds kind of flat and I don't really know how to give it a more "full" sound, really. Anyway, here is a link to the source: And here is a link to the most recent remix version: and again, it is still a WIP. Thanks!
  9. Here's a mix of the Route 113 theme I did a while ago. I juxtaposed some very nice, airy, ambient sounds with some thumping, swung and unswung drums in 6/8 time. Route 113 is one of my favorite themes from R/S/E, so I've wanted to remix this one for a while. Let me know what you think!
  10. Remix: Overgrowth (Tallon 2/Chozo Ruins) Demo Hey everyone! Thought I'd share a remix I'm working on that's not currently finished. Feedback definitely welcomed here, especially on the mixing side of things. I'm trying my hand at swing rhythms this time. This is heavily influenced by artists like Bonobo and Emancipator. Not a ton to say - the structure is all over the place right now and I'm more focused on sound design/motifs/production at this point, but I feel like there's potential here! Sources:
  11. Hey everyone, so pretty recently I made this 7/4 remix of Dialga/Palkia's battle thing from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. I used to work in odd time signatures all the time, but with not very good sets of instruments. I kind of stopped doing odd times for a while, but really was inspired with this one so I took a swing at it in 7/4. Let me know what you all think!
  12. Hey everyone, it's been forever since I've been at OCR, but I figured I should get back into the community since I've been making more music and remixes lately. Here's my latest one. I did a remix of Your Best Nightmare, where I did a lot of reharmonization and changed the feels of the individual sections for the most part pretty substantially. Looking for feedback and any other comments! I hope you enjoy!
  13. A remix I did of the Game Corner/Lucky Number Show theme from Pokemon Gold after going to Black Oak Casino (located in the California mountains) for the first time. The original song is really energetic and fun - hyperactive almost... I decided to bring the energy down and make it more chill... Smooth jazzy if you will. Anyway, enjoy! The original: Pokemon Gold & Silver - Game Corner The remix: Game Corner (Black Oak Jazz Remix)
  14. Hey all - This is "Rainbow at Journey's End", an orchestral medley of four songs from the NES Kirby's Adventure OST. My goal was to take some of my favorite tracks and mix them together to tell the story of the game's final areas and events. I also wanted to give the remix a majestic and grandiose vibe, similar to Smash Bros. Melee's "Fountain of Dreams". The tracks I included from Kirby's Adventure are as follows: Rainbow Resort, Orange Ocean World Map, Fountain of Dreams, and the Ending Theme. Looking for any and all thoughts on the remix, though in particular I'd like feedback on the mixing, levels, and mastering. Does the song seem to have the right overall volume and good dynamic range? Do instruments stand out as well as they should - are they panned well at appropriate volumes and not stepping on one another's toes? Is there a good distribution of bass/mid/treble? I would call it a complete first draft at this point, in the sense that it has a full arrangement and start/middle/end, but I'm open to adding and subtracting sections as needed. Thanks for listening, and let me know what you think!
  15. Hi Everyone, Here is my newest ReMix i'm working on. This time i decided to arrange the popular Sub Castle BGM from Super Mario World. I tried to do something different by using a more "upbeat" approach, while still remaining the dark/menacing mood of the source. Probably needs some work on the mixing. Source: Remix: Feedback welcome
  16. Hello OC Remix Forums! I have long been a listener of the remixed on OC Remix (since 2000, I believe). I'm looking for feedback so that I can continue to improve my song-writing and remixing abilities. It appears that classical music is one of my strengths. The following is the original song from the Amiga version of Populous written by Rob Hubbard: I grew up playing the Genesis version but the SNES version's music also played an influence. The following is an mp3 file of the remix thus far: I feel that I am mostly completed with the first 2:25 minutes but I'd like the song to go until 3:30. Any comments on the direction of this remix? Any critical comments? Thanks.
  17. Hey, guys! Been a while since I posted anything here. Here's my take on a remix of the Lumania track theme from Extreme-G 2. If you haven't played any of those games, they're a lot of fun, if grossly imbalanced. I tried to do a heavier DnB take on the course theme, imagining how it might have been done if the game had come out just this year. Original source track: Lumania My remix: Lumania remix Let me know what you guys think! There's still probably a good 3 minutes I'd like to explore with this track.
  18. I've been playing Pokemon Red again, since it was rereleased for the virtual console for the 20th anniversary. The Pokemon soundtrack has always been one of my favourites, but as I was replaying it, I thought, "wouldn't this music sound great being played by a string group." I decided to give arranging the Celadon City theme for strings a go. This is just a sample extract of the main A section of the piece, but I feel like I should let other people hear it before I do too much work on it, in case it turns out to be a waste of time. Let me know what you think
  19. Hi, Sampled the score March of the Dreadnoughts from Final Fantasy XIII. Easily the worst Final Fantasy game but has some good music scores. I wasn't really going for anything the music kind of arranged itself. Has a poppy and clubby beat. Doesn't sound too bad but of course feedback and criticism are always welcome. I think I would like to optimize the sound I have so any suggestions will be considered. Enjoy. Thanks for listening.
  20. Hi, I sampled the first few bars from Final Fantasy X-2 Theme Song Wind Crest The Three Tails ( with FL Studio. Was aiming for a new soul sound with epiano and bass. Near the end of the song it kind of gets away from it because the song transition felt like it need something slightly different so added a some synthesizers. I don't think it sounds too bad but good criticism is welcome. I would like some feed back. Enjoy. Thanks for listening.
  21. Hello - I've recently re-watched Attack on Titan in preparation for the second season, whenever it's coming out, and I've been really wanting to take some of those elements used throughout the soundtrack and apply to my own works, since there's so much power there. I've also been thinking about applying it to a Remix, to get a better feel on writing music, to work on arranging, to work on production/mixing/mastering, and to simply get the creative juices flowing. Finally, I decided on taking the Undersea Palace and Lavos themes and create an Attack on Titan-inspired Remix Of course, it's in the WiP stage at the moment, and I'm having one major difficulty: the arrangement is just too conservative for me at the moment, and while I would have some more wiggle room in transitioning to the theme of Lavos, I haven't gotten there yet, and I believe I should expand on the Undersea Palace theme somehow, but I'm not quite sure how to approach it. If you have any thoughts in that regards, or anything else in general, please let me know. Thank you for listening! Source: Chrono Trigger - Undersea Palace Planning on using: Chrono Trigger - Lavos' Theme
  22. I tried to expand on the original a little, giving it some energy while playing around with the melody. Not quite sure how well I did with this one, much more used to writing originals. Any feedback would be appreciated
  23. So a skeleton goes driving on a highway and turns on his radio... who is he listening to? I don't suppose it's not too crowded for more Undertale? Because here's an 80s-style remix. Sources: I feel like this might be a bit too close to the source because I think I'm too fond of the main melody to try and mess with the arrangement too much. I mean that game's soundtrack though, right? I also think some parts on the synth are clashing but I'm having difficulty spreading them out without proper headphones(they got ripped ). Anyway, I don't think I'm going to change the arrangement but I'm very open to ideas. What do you guys think? I'd love to hear some feedback. Bonus(bone'us ha!) points for an answer to the skeleton joke.
  24. Hey guys, I've been working on this remix of Gamma's theme for awhile in my spare time for the 25th anniversary album. My deadline is the end of this month, so any feedback would be heavily appreciated! I still want to add a couple extra sections from the source in here also, but I think in the song will probably not be more than a minute longer. Original: ReMix:
  25. Hi all, I'm new to OCR, decided to join since I've been working on some game remixes on my own time for a few months. I'd like to get some opinions on one of my remixes based on Xenoblade Chronicle's "Xanthe". I'm a big fan of surf rock and so far, every single one of my remixes have been along the vein of heavy surf rock. I'm mainly concerned about production so if anyone has some pointers based on my recording, I'd like to hear them, I want to eventually start submitting stuff to the judges. Thanks! Original