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Who has Kirby been eating? SECOND COURSE


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It's been a year since we last checked on our favorite glutton ...

We've all seen Kirby take on many cute little forms as he consumes his opposition. But what might he look like if he expanded his diet to movies, television, celebrities and just about anyone else you can think of? In last year's SA thread, we saw him take on dozens of fun new looks.

One of my contributions to the original thread:


And now a new starter image:


Have fun, OCR.

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You've told me that twice now. What's wrong with it? Granted, presentation is a little shoddy but I whipped it up in three minutes. Personally, I think it's quite clever.

Brief topic derailment for opinions?

1) It is fucking huge

2) It is offensive and not something that is work safe, which community is supposed to be *assumption based on how gendisc was*.

3) It is anything but clever. Far from it.

It is nothing more than an annoyance.

ANYWAYS, love the gir kirby.

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