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Who has Kirby been eating? SECOND COURSE

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Oh man, I knew I recognized it, but I couldn't even make a guess. It's the main Animorph guy, right?

Well I wouldn't say main... If fact I can't even remember the andalite prince's name...

In any case, thats an andalite. And someone should do a hork bajir kirby.

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lower case for caps emphasis

How about a line up of Marvel / DC Kirbies (and not just the big names)?

I mean, Solomon Kirby, Green Arrow Kirby, Fantastic Fourby, Booster Goldby, Skeets Kirby, Jokirby, Trickterby...

Heck, just grab that cover from the number 52 Countdown and go from there, lots of Kirbies to get from that.

And well, Power Girl Kirby sounds like a pretty funny idea.

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