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listening choices

Patrick Burns

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I'm curious

Please respond with the appropriate number (regarding remixes posted on OCR)


I listen to most songs posted these days, regardless of the game or artist


I listen to a song only if I know the game/series music or if I like the artist (mostly)


other (explain)

I must admit I fall into the number 2 category. Yes, I am a bona fide piece of shit, and I'm curious as to how many other people are (generally).

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1, but that almost goes without saying.

I feel anyone who has any other listening habit at OCR other than option 1 misses out on a lot of good, free stuff.

I have to agree, but I cant deny my habits. Ironically, I'm listening to Mark Vera's Medieval Magic track as I write now. It's one of my favs, but I've never played the game Wizardry. I only know of it because I heard it on your show, but I was only listening to the show for the prot interview :)

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1 for everything posted nowadays.

2 for the rest.

I feel the quality standards have risen to a level where, for the most part, the new remixes are enjoyable as a standalone piece of music, regardless of nostalgic reasons.

Pretty much. If I had been a two, I would've missed awesomely creative mixes like Dark Butz, Tragedy of a Bullet, Larry's Funky House of Lowe, Last Night a DJ Kidnapped Mallow, and Yellow Valkyrie, to name a few off the top of my head.

I still haven't really perused the entire OC library, though. Mainly because it's kind of harder to enjoy the older remixes sans nostalgia (by old, I mean 2000-2001.)

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I'm kind of floating between 1 and 2. I suppose I lean more towards 2, but I try to read the writeup for just about everything at least to see if it sounds interesting. I also occasionally go diving through the pages of old remixes to see what I can find, regardless of what game it's in, who remixed it, or how old it is. I've found some gems that way.

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I was going to say 2, because that's what I look for when I come here...

But then I realized I'm more of a one seeing as I spent an entire day going from A-Z by games and listening to whatever sounded cool (didn't make it past L or M, I forget which)

Now thinking about it though, I'm more a 3, I'm picky with the songs that I know how they should sound, so it pretty much has to be almost perfect for me to pick it up. But if it's a song from a game that I don't know and I listen to them, I don't know how they should sound, so if it's in my taste I usually pick it up. I make avid use of the ReMix roulette at the bottom of the home page, just to hear something new (unless they're all songs I've heard before), if it's cool/interesting/different, and I don't know the game, I might pick it up.

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