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McVaffe. Return. Interview. Okami ReMix.

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I agree, I absolutely love Jungle Jazz, from the piano intro to the frantic breakbeat drums. I'm glad he mentioned that as one of his favourite creations.

I got an email from Liontamer regarding McVaffe's return and I was surprised and glad I'm still on the mailing list because I've been wondering where on Earth McVaffe's been.

I just finished reading the interview, veery interesting and enjoyable to read. I really want to know what XBL Arcade games he's written music for. That's pretty interesting.

Anyways, GLAD to see this OCR God has returned, and I've been listening to his new track on repeat for quite a while now. Makes me want to go find Okami in stores and play it.

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Got this via e-mail. Very informative interview. Nice to see a vet come back. Even though I didn't really listen to all his remixes, I have to say that McVaffe is one hell of a remixer. Update us more with the indie stuff you're working on, man. :)

THANK YOU!!! I look forward to being able to show this new stuff I'm working on but unfortunately it's pretty intensive and I have a ton of work to get done before it's all completed. My self-imposed deadline is June 1st, and damn I hope I'm able to pull it off by then,

Thanks for listening, I'll try and announce when the project is done!

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Nice to finally "meet" you, sir. I joined up in Jan '07 after meeting OCR at MAGFest.

Question: When zircon made his FF3 album AF joke and said you had returned and would lead it, did he know you had this in the works?

I mentioned it to him awhile ago before I even sent it in, so he knew about me hoping to come back. That was way before I had any ideas of an interview or anything of the sort.

And yeah the FF3 album was indeed an AF joke, I even had to E-Mail him privately and tell him "ummmm... you didn't mention any of this stuff to me dude what's goin on?" So unfortunately while I don't see any FF3 projects I'll be helping him with currently, you never know what the future will bring...

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Just had a chance to check out this thread again and wanted to make a quick shout to all those who have given words of encouragement... thank you guys!! (and gals). It was a little weird giving an interview but I think it cleared things up for a lot of people wondering where I've been.

I may not be as prolific on the SITE as I was when I had multiple personality disorder, but I'm definitely planning a bunch of new remixes as well as other stuff that I'm sure most of the people on this site would be interested in checking out.

In any case, thanks for all the kind words. Lord knows I'm certainly not getting rich off any of this stuff, but finding out that you have a few songs that excites or entertains people out there definitely makes it worthwhile in my book...

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It's great to have you back McVaffe. I'm a huge fan of your work.

I'm not surprised you were tempted to say your favorite was 'Darkness and the Light' as it is one of the most dynamic and soothing Zelda arrangements I have ever heard. The piano lead that starts around 2:40 sends chills. I still listen to that piece regularly. All of your work is great but the other ones I can't seem to get enough of is 'Gemini LocoBlanka', and 'Vega's Ballad' from Street Fighter 2. 'Cammy'sLondonDrizzle' also just blows me away every time I hear it. It's been finding its way back onto my mp3 player for years now.

Great to have you back. Can't wait to hear more of your work. This new remix is fantastic.


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