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LURKERS: Choose a forum avatar and let me know why you like it


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Not entirely sure why I chose a slime, other than generally liking the Dragon Warrior/Quest series. Before that, I had Dr. Light since I probly looked similar to him, except my hair/beard was brown/red instead of white. Also, I do like the Megaman series, and have an interest in robotics (engineering major!). Without the beard, it doesn't seem appropriate (Dr. Cain would be a better fit now).

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Alright, fine, I'll pick an avatar. There aren't any avatars from my favorite series of games, Ultima, so I'll settle for something similar, the Elven Archer from Warcraft II. Also, I hate to admit it, but the smug look of arrogant superiority feels appropriate somehow. That probably doesn't speak well of me.

This site really needs some avatars from the Ultima series, though. Maybe I'll go dig up and post a few.

No wait - what this site really needs is some more remixes from the Ultima series. I'd better get to work on that too.

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