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OCR01780 - Tetris Attack "Sound of the Dogfish"

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Glad to finally have someone accompany my Tetris Attack mix! Also, considering my TA remix was ALSO my debut mix on OCR, this one is a little extra special.

Love how mellow it is despite the craziness of the beat.

Congrats mate!

Yeah, I thought you looked lonely up there by yourself. Thanks!

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This is an unusual little mix, but in a very good way. Its very imaginative, and has some very creative ideas. I also enjoyed the lead sequencing :D

Some of the sounds are a little simple (this mix certainly has an 8-bit feel to it) but it works great :)

Nice work :nicework:

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Love the chiptune aesthetic! The source tunes are nice to begin with, but you did some nifty things to expand upon them and make them your own. Your mix is light and fun, but what really grabs me is how it also sounds hopeful and uplifting, especially the bits after 0:54 and 2:56... you put some heart in here and it shows.

I dig all your remixes. Please keep mixing and submitting! And everyone else, do yourself a favor and check out halcyon's other works that haven't made it here (yet?); they don't disappoint.

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Great textures and attention to detail! Great panning and sound selection, and the source sounds pretty great with the adjustments you've made. Excellent and varied sections, and a good flow throughout.

Really playful leads and counterpoint ideas and percussion that is a bit reminiscent of Ziwtra. Definitely a good thing, as far as i'm concerned.

I was *really* hoping for a pad-supported breakdown with maybe a gated synth to keep the momentum up, but I can wait until next time to hear it. Keep it in mind though, I think it'd be beautiful.

One of my favorite mixes I've heard in awhile. :-)

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I've always loved the soundtrack to this game, and I've always wondered why it didn't receive more attention. I really, really love this mix. I could listen to it all day! I love the variety, the way it just *fits* while being so different and shiny and new...!

Definitely a tune that makes me smile every time I hear it!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01780 - Tetris Attack "Sound of the Dogfish"

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