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OCR01782 - Street Fighter II "High-Five... Hundred"

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First off, congratulations to everyone on HD remix.

Nice groove on this. I can see how it wouldn't have worked in a real videogame setting, but as a standalone it works quite well. DJP's style is apparent in this track. I like the bass throughout, and the drums.

The only drawback is the ending, which is a little too uprupt for my taste. Aside from that, nice work!

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Great faux intro that dives right into the...bath? :-)

The kicking percussion and a funky syncopated bassline is the perfect foundation for the breathy flutes and counterpoint koto. I really think those sections are the most effective, though I love the synths and talkbox section. I wish the flutes were explored a bit more with the juxtaposition of the syncopated and slick riffage underneath.

Great use of a halftime section, it hit exactly when it needed to. Pacing was great until the ending, but given the concept of the album, it's loop pretty well, so I can see how it is intended.

Probably one of my favorite djp tracks, this one is recommended!

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God, I love ze pretzel's mixes. This is one of my favorites from him.

Interestingly, I don't think I ever cared much about this particular SFII theme (nor do I do now), but I can't seem to forget this mix. Great atmosphere and choice of instruments, it certainly enhances the original's mood.

And "Red Cyclone" is way more obtrusive than this and it works just fine in the actual game, so I don't know why they didn't accept this direction. Well, at least we have it here I guess...

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01782 - Street Fighter II "High-Five... Hundred"

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