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OCRA-0012 - OC ReMix: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Official Soundtrack

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good stuff all around from everybody... BUT what the hell happened to Richter's and jm's BLANKA track?!? that was my favorite from Blood on the Asphalt.. i was expecting to see it here

To clarify, we did present multiple options for each track to Capcom, and they chose what they thought worked best. We really didn't push one version over another: they made the call. I love both takes on the theme. I definitely think AE's works brilliantly in-game.

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Just a quick thing I wanted to point out. On the album's page, Jivemaster is missing from the remixer list. As a big fan of Jive, I just wanted to make sure this got fixed soon.

As for the album, I can hear how vastly different it is from any other OCR album, even BotA. You can tell that the tracks on HD Remix are meant to be the background music as opposed to being the main focus. Not that this is bad at all, in fact, my brother and I just played Dr. Mario with the in game music turned off and the HD Remix soundtrack playing. Oddly enough, it worked just fine. Another excellent album from OCR!

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Amazing game and soundtrack, great to see OC remix getting the recognition it deserves!! Very happy they used Sexy Trunks for Balrogs stage - Excellent Choice :razz:, would liked to have seen China Steet Beat (Chun-Li's Stage),Fei-Longer (Fei-Long's stage) and Cammys London Drizzle or Cammy By Night included. But i guess the last two are a little on the chilled out side for their inclusion. :nicework:

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Wow, congrats on a job well done guys!! Haven't gotten a chance to play the game yet but I have to say I love the work you did with the soundtrack... SFII is one of my all time faves, and the soundtrack is one that will be part of me forever. You did it justice and that much more. Hope this extra exposure is as good for you guys as I think it will be!

Now where's a Nice Work Guy when you need him? :nicework:

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