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I got a warning about a web forgery from one of the download links

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David Lloyd: My site is inaccessible

David Lloyd: http://djpretzel.web.aplus.net/

David Lloyd: firefox 3 is reporting it as a "web forgery"

David Lloyd: in my control panel, I can't get to usage statistics, etc.

Jason S.: Unfortunately Firefox 3 is having issues with all of our utility domains.

Jason S.: It is only with Firefox 3 and is not really a correct error.

Jason S.: You can just continue through that error.

David Lloyd: I was trying but that wasn't working. Is there an ETA for all the utility domains being fixed?

Jason S.: Unfortunately not since it is an issue with Firefox 3 only

Jason S.: There should be a 'ignore warning' in the bottom right corner

David Lloyd: yeah that works for the actual site but in the control panel the prompt just pops again

David Lloyd: Well, is anyone working on the problem, I guess is my question? Most of my users are on ff3...

Jason S.: Ah I see.

Jason S.: Give me a moment to check

Jason S.: Do you have a domain name attached to the hosting plan? Or just use the utility domain?

David Lloyd: just use the utility, but if it'll fix the problem, I can get a domain

Jason S.: Yes, that would fix the problem

David Lloyd: If I've got a primary domain hosted elsewhere can I host the sub on aplus? can't figure out how to do that with the cp

Jason S.: Yes, it actually looks like you already have two domains on that plan.

Jason S.: Here are instructions on how to add another one:

The agent is sending you to http://www.apluskb.com/scripts/Can_I_add_a_new_answer1845.html.

Jason S.: Here are instructions on how to separate those to have their own sites:

The agent is sending you to http://www.apluskb.com/scripts/How_do_I_change_my_answer2590.html.

Jason S.: I checked with an upper level tech, and he says that they are currently working on that Firefox 3 issue and it should be resolved soon, no ETR yet though

David Lloyd: Alright, sounds good. Might just wait but at least I have a fix. Thanks! spacer.gif

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