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RSS feeds for individual forums: Broken?

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I know that there's an RSS feed that covers the entire forum, but it seems like vBulletin also supports RSS feeds of individual sub-sections. However, the feeds for the individual sections are broken and are never updated even when a new post is made (for example, the Projects forum feed). Would this be fixable? I'm not even sure what would cause the problem, but I'd love to have an RSS feed for the Projects forum in particular.

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RSS feeds for individual forums are not broken. vB's RSS is based on threads, not posts. A new post in the Projects forum will not be syndicated. If you want to keep abreast of all goings on in the Projects forum, you can subscribe to the entire forum by going there, scrolling down, and finding the Subscribe to This Forum link in the forum tools box.


This will have the forum software send you an email whenever the forum is posted in. You can set up alerts to be per post, a daily digest, and other options.

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