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forum thread orientation question

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OK, so everything about the site is phenomenal. All the work that djp has put into the whole ordeal is amazing and continually impresses me. Streamlined, everything. I don't want to go on a sycophantic rant here - what I'm really looking for is something so simple it's probably right in front of my face, yet through all the forum searching I've done I have yet to find it. Is there any way to orient the forum threads in the top-down, left-to-right manner like any other forum? I find it slightly awkward to have to go to the "last" page and then read from the bottom to the top. Any way I can change a setting for my own account and have them display so the latest/newest post is on the bottom of the last page and the first post is on the top of the first? I've been a OCR fan for years but have only recently started engaging in forum discussions. Thanks in advance.

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Go to your control panel (labeled "User CP"), and click on Edit Options. Then scroll down until you hit Thread Display Options. One of the settings Thread Display Mode. Click on the drop-down menu and select "Linear - Oldest First". Now just save your settings and you'll be all set.

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