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Put your hands together for your new judge...


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I'd give you a hand, OA, but you can't hear it from here, anyhow - nice job landing that position.

I trust you'll make a great judge, seeing as you took it upon yourself to give every single track on this site a decent review. Do that for the submissions and you'll be just pure gold, man :).

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Wow, you guys couldn't have made a better pick IMO. Gratz OA!

*I still think you're Chris Daughtry's online alter ego, but hey that's cool.

*Edit: Also gratz on getting your first review done 4 hours before you were announced. It's like you knew...flush that queue!

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I've only been lurking these forums for a little while and even I saw this coming! OA definitely stands out as one of the most motivated, talented individuals to emerge from the community in the past few years, so I guess I had a sense this was coming sooner or later - I'm just surprised at the timing!


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