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OCR01900 - Vectorman "Overflow"

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The first thing that I thought when hearing this is that it is loaded with sound. Musically it just feels...full. Great job filling, practically literally, the soundscape. The entire mix is driving, which is great in that it never loses intensity. Also, despite hearing the same melodic line more than a few times through the piece I never found it to be repetative.

Catchy, dancy, good job!

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Now I know what you've been busy doing, totally awesome work Dain, now if only you'd get your remix album done...XD...I want your Blood Inside remix...

As for this piece, Vectorman is another game I haven't played, but with your remix from the soundtrack, it makes me want to go back and play the game.

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My Friends, the beats have been dropped.

Super intense and a lot of great hooks packed in. Some of the high end was a little too brittle for my tastes, but overall the track was really nice. I love the counterpoint parts of the arrangement, and each listen revealed new parts, so as time went on, i liked it more.

Awesome work. :-)

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If adrenaline had an on-switch, this would be the trigger.

Put this on for the first time over Thanksgiving in the middle of an unheard-remix binge. I promptly stopped what I was doing and set this on repeat. For upwards of three hours. I slept for more than 16 hours the next day. There may have been a correlation (more than could be accounted for by the tryptophan in the accompanying turkey binge).

Now that my eyes have mostly contracted, I've given this a comparison to the source. It's all there and easily identifiable - perfect for nostalgia - but completely re-engineered and re-timed. To the former: while still evocative of the source, the sounds, the beats, and the effects (a highlight being the key-hanging/morphing effect that starts in at 0:45... chills of power down my spine) are distinctly original. And incredible. But the latter makes the remix as much as the former. The source leads from one section into another without pause. Here, for example, Beatdrop inserts the initial buildup (and layering instrumentation), and then the slowdown from 0:31 to 0:43 (with slow decay). Then the drag-out and slow buildup through 1:12. Completely re-timed, completely YES. That, along with the following let-offs and full, progressive comebacks absolutely make the piece. With a full onslaught that brings everything together at the end... and victorious decay.

This is calculated retribution perfected.

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This feels a bit more accessible than some of Beatdrop's other work for some reason, but it still has all the other things that define his style - massive beats and synths, a wall-of-sound approach to mixing, and some really insane glitchy effects (the stutter at 1:12 was especially cool!)

To be honest, most of your music is so loud and intense that it almost gives me a headache listening to it... but, in a good way :-P This would feel right at home in a rave/club setting with the volume/bass pumped up to max.

Killer song!

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Punchy, effective and melodic approach to the gritty techno that beatdrop has made a signatire. While I like clean and slick techno, there's something about the 'wall of sound' combined with grittiness that works wonders with the material. The beats (of course) and the varied synth work are fantastic in this, but to single out only a few things really doesn't give it the credit it deserves. It's the culmination of everything, moreso than other types of remix, that gives this so much life.

It has a sound and a pace all its own, and it's great to see that sort of continued interest in musical diversity from such seasoned veterans. As fresh and as awesome as ever.

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This is pretty fucking awesome! Love the beats and that bass synth is soooo... dirty and in-your-face, especially in the intro. Glitching is well done too. I think the mix gets a bit overcrowded in the very last section, and I would have loved there to be more section where that awesome bass was exposed more. But this is a minor gripe.

We need more of this type of stuff! Dain, you haven't posted since 2009, what's the holdup?

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This is one of the most badass, hyper-compressed, head-exploding tracks to EVER grace OC ReMix. This track is AWESOME. And the way Dain fleshed out the theme made me completely forget how unbelievably barebones and spartan that source tune was until I revisited it.

An absolutely amazing, transformative job on this.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01900 - Vectorman "Overflow"

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