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Official & Unofficial Arrangement Projects (Tracking)

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Updated. Not a lot of new official projects to add on, but a LOT got taken off. Shows we're making progress overall :-) Most of these projects don't have more than 1 or 2 open tracks anyway... maybe it's time to get some new projects star-- *shot*

EDIT: hahahaha did I just get ninja sniped by halc by ONE MINUTE? Well, my edit supercedes yours, so suck on that! :-P

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This thread isn't updated anymore. For official OCR albums, I recommend my spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19br9DPx322LL3-Qo9J1y6v9F47B9RMgM0ItUw41dLWw/edit#gid=0

Man this hasn't been updated in awhile. 3 albums on here have been released months ago.. Zelda Lime of the Season, Super Mario 64, & the Gameboy 25th Anniversary album.

Updated my sheet.

I don't even have to scroll to see the full list! It's a miracle

Granted, there seem to be a lot of unofficial and/or secret projects going on around here. The album scene is a little more swollen than this topic suggests, so don't get any ideas, potential album directors.

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January really is start a project month though, isn't it? It's the best time of the year for new beginnings. It's when OCR has their MAGFest panel and says, "here's what we've accomplished, and here's what we have planned for the new year." And December is very much the "reflect on what you didn't accomplish" month which makes me very sad every year. :cry:

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What's the difference between "seeking interest and recruiting" and "actively recruiting"?

Because I go between advertising to get interest and asking people directly if they're interested...

Seeking interest is basically the first stage when people are just seeing if other people are interested in participating in OR listening to an album based on concept. Actively recruiting means the person has determined that they're going through with it and is seeking participants instead of just testing the waters for reception.

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