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Nekofrog + Ashamee Wedding Thread! Pics last page


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Justin and Ashley are getting married! And they are doing it in Vegas!

To celebrate, we are getting a couple VERY cheap rooms at the Excalibur on the Vegas strip!

Rooms are going for about $20-$30 a night, so now is the perfect time to have some fun!

The celebration of these two being wedded will start at about:

Monday, December 14, 2009: checkin at around 3:00pm

Friday, December 18, 2009 checkout that morning by about 12:00

If you want to come hang with us during this time, please give us a holler!

We have a facebook event if you want to check it out

It is going to be a small wedding. (They are actually doing this to get their certificate before Justin goes into the Airforce in Feb.) And they plan on having an official family reception sometime in later 2010, HOWEVER, this is going to be awesome party time for all involved, so if you feel so inclined, post in this thread. If not, well, I know we all wish them a great life of love and happiness together :J

We will be staying at the Imperial Palace (it is cheap and right smack dab in the middle of the strip)

Final Roster of attendees and guests:








Long Dao


Matt P.

Congratulations you two!

Update: added some pics here:

finally uploaded my Vegas pics to an album

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I wanted to come congratulate you two on irc, but today it's not letting me on and might not let me back on for a month, wtf!

Anyway, I wish you two the best, you seem like good people. Have a wonderful wedding (and all those warm nights to follow :P ) Anyway, I'd love to come and hang out, but my money is very unhappy these days ><

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Man, I friggin love Vegas, this would be the third time I have been this year.

Btw: If you do have any inclination towards going, the original rooms will probably be full, so let me know if you want some help on reserving your own rooms, we can do this for you or point you in the right direction.

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