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Michael Jackson confirmed as a composer for Sonic 3 (2016 UPDATE)


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So it was true. We can at least confirm that SEGA kept and used one of his compositions for the Credits theme.

2013 UPDATE: GameTrailers' Pop-Fiction did their own investigation into this and found that yes, Jackson did in fact compose some of the music that appears in the final game.

Liontamer EDIT (1/25/2016): 

This great read by Huffington Post's Todd Van Luling finally and truly 100% confirms from 3 of the credited Sonic 3 composers that Michael Jackson made music for Sonic 3 and it made it into the game. :-)


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Drossin confirmed this back at his panel last MAG.

That was quasi-confirmed at MAGFest 7. Not that we don't trust Howard Drossin (Howard kept it real), but since then MJ's passed away, allowing Brad Buxer (a member of MJ's music team and a person on the inside with Jackson himself) to corroborate those rumors and explicitly state that they collaborated on that credits theme.

EDIT: This too - http://www.sonicwrecks.com/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1259861977&archive=

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