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Michael Jackson confirmed as a composer for Sonic 3 (2016 UPDATE)

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"AND IN TODAYS NEWS - Michael Jackson is still confirmed as a composer for Sonic 3."

That's just because I have a BlackWidow.

You sir, have crossed the line.   In all seriousness though i'm hijacking this thread to discuss OCR's obvious Pro Nintendo-Anti Sega Agenda.     ..and GO!   ...ok i'll start.

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Apparently Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Michael Jackson did collab on the soundtrack. I remember there were debates on these forums before so I don;t know if this was ever confirmed but it seems like it is now. MJ wanted to take his name off the project because the sound quality was "so poor".


Any thoughts on this?

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I want to know how the hell you got someone as big as Michael Jackson to work on a video game in the first place. Geez.

I never doubted the rumor since the first two Sonic games were composed by members of Dreams Come True, a group popular in Japan at the time. In making the Sonic games bigger and better, it makes sense to seek out a bigger and better name to try and attach to the music. Still cool to have people finally come forward though.

With the news of how he personally dropped his name over the sound quality, and Sega's passion for add-ons, I'm kinda surprised Sega didn't do a Sega CD version ala Eco.

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SEGA already admitted to this in Feb 2009 when Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection hit the shelves. In the tips section for Sonic 3 they said MJ was originally responsible for the soundtrack.

No, that only confirms that he was at one point on the project, not that his music was a part of the final game. The evidence given in the video is probably as close to a confirmation that we will get that at least some of the music in the final version of the game was composed by Jackson.

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13 minutes ago, Liontamer said:

This great read by Huffington Post's Todd Van Luling finally and truly 100% confirms from 3 of the credited Sonic 3 composers that Michael Jackson made music for Sonic 3 and it made it into the game. :-)


"The credits roll, and Michael Jackson's music plays."

Man, I started tearing up reading that.

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I'm not sure I get it.

I mean, I love the Sonic games and MJ's music as much as the next guy, but I'm not sure why some people seem to be so emotionally invested in this - demanding closure for how many years? For me it's just kinda like "Cool. MJ wrote music for Sonic 3." and that's it but for many it seems like this is a discovery akin to finally solving how the Egyptians built the pyramids. 

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