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Some questions about the submission guidelines

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So I am thinking of submitting some piano stuff to OCR sometime, and I would like to at least not screw up in regard to the submission guidelines, so I have quite a few questions because I am not sure about some things:

First of all, it says that the arrangement must be substantial and original. It counts different instrumentation as a technique for an acceptable arrangement. So, let's say there is a piece from a game, and it is not looped. Would reproducing it on the piano as faithfully as it is possible for me without many more modifcations to the actual musical content count as an acceptable arrangement? Also, it says that an acceptable entry would be at least two minutes long. If the piece itself is shorter than that (around 1:50), that would obviously constitute an exception, or am I mistaken here?

Now for another question for other pieces. Can there be an exception to the 8mb rule? What if I would like to make a piano medley with many different themes which would be around ten minutes or longer - if I had to size the mp3 at around 8 mb, I would have to downsample and the quality would suffer a lot. (I have understood that medleys need to be set up in a way that they sound continuous.)

Also, if I submit something to OCR, can I still use it in any way I see fit (upload recordings of it to YouTube, use it as a soundtrack for self made fan videos etc.)?

Many greetings

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