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Noticed it coming up in the Bayonetta thread, so here goes.

What is your playing style across a variety of genres? Let me start:

Fighting: I like using fast characters who don't necessarily deal a lot of damage, but do exactly what I want them to do and quickly. Example characters- Chai Xianghua, Taki, Marshall Law, etc.

FPS: I am, surprisingly, a very careful stalker in most games. I don't like Quake and its equivalents (I'm not a bad aim, but I hate being rushed.) I love sniper rifles, because I can kill you from far away, where you never saw me. Also if I have to twitch it's pretty likely I'll kill you with one shot. HATE rocket launchers. They're so... unstylish. I am also quite famous in Left4Dead games of taking the time to stand there and shoot a special infected in the head.

Bullet Hell: At the same time, I love bullet hell games. Touhou, Ikaruga, Midway, Parsec 47. Twitch is fun. Twitch is like flying the Death Star Trench Run. Twitch is made of win when you make it out alive.

Real Life: Lasertag and Paintball. Again, I hate being exposed or "doing crazy runs." I am slow, methodical, and when I find you, it takes a few shots. I'd proabably make a really bad suppressive fire person. Don't believe in shooting at someone's general direction.

What does this say about me as a player? Do I twitch? Do I plan ahead? From what I see, it appears I am a planner. Sure, I twitch quite a lot, but it's all part of a plan.

What's your play style?

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Fighting: Characters like Rachel Alucard, Vega(claw),Balrog(boxer), Sakura, Cervantes (SC). Not heavy chainers but have some finesse despite not always chaining their attacks in streams like Sagat/Ken/Rufus etcetera.

FPS: I've always preferred the punch of the shotgun and revolvers despite having a slower rate of fire. I'd rather hit hard and push the enemy back than chip away as they charge. Not afraid to rush up on some one's face with a shotgun to their face/weakpoint which can surprise them alot of times. Also I love using Heavy Weapons Guy with KGBs to surprise them around the corner.

Shmups/bullet hell: Touhou series, Gradius, R-Type, Ikaruga, Matt Hazard:BB&B.

Real life: Boxing (can do a variety of styles, can be southpaw by choice too, have to for work as well), Paintball (prefer to sneak up on the enemy asap and generally will)

Essentially I prefer to react to most things on the fly with great flexibility both mentally and physically; doesn't mean I can't memorize though. :lol:

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In most games, whether it be strategy or a FPS like Bioshock or RE4 or whatnot, I'm a bit of the defensive player, and the cautious one.

Say, in Fire Emblem, I form up a perimeter and let the enemy come to ME, and then pick them off when it's my turn. I like it when the bad guys have to come to where I want to fight them, not the other way around.

In FPSes like the above mentioned, I am the type to secure an area by slowly going around, killing all the bad guys quickly (usually thanks to the shotgun up close approach, one I find that works in nearly any scenario), checking the area again to see no more stragglers came in, and then setting it up as a 'base of operations' of sorts, designating it as a safe zone before I go on, and clear out the next area. It's slow and methodical, but then again, I hate being jumped upon in an FPS game, whether it be Combines or Splicers or Ganados or what have you.

However, if I'm overpowered enough, I like to just charge in quick and wipe every living thing off the face of the earth.

And in TF2, I usually play as the Sniper or Spy, the latter because it's just damn fun, the former because I don't mind taking the back seat and picking folks off.

But storming the bases as Heavy is a whole lot of fun as well.

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In CoD MW2 I really like just running in and messing things up. I kill a lot of people, but I do seam to die more than anyone. I use this on CtF or other game modes where the goal is not necessarily kills.

But for deathmatch, I try to provide support such as with a shield or whatever..

Mostly I try to mix it up though, Its hard to fight what you cant predict.. Not just for MW2 but for Smash bros. and every other game.

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I tend to be overly aggressive, and always want to do the big awesome high-damage epic moves.

I like the rail gun in Quake even though I usually miss. And when I want to win, I use the rocket launcher.

Nothing beats a good Yoshi down-aerial foot-mauling in Smash Bros. I'm also a fan of many smashes, the Falcon Paaaawnch, and the knee.

And hard-to-escape combos that result in a lot of damage... actually anything that results in a lot of damage. Why Hadouken when you can just press "strong kick" and "strong punch" over and over again?

This picture comes to mind:


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I hate playing against folks that spam the same moves ad infinitum. It gets unfun pretty quickly playing Marvel vs Capcom 2 against Cable when he spams his ranged attack over and over again.

In fighting games (when I DO play them) I try to keep things varied for fun's sake, and tone down on the combo spams (though in SCII that one move Raphael has just works and works...).

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Going to preface this with the fact that I like to win and usually will do whatever it takes to do so consistently.

Fighting: I like to be able to zone well. So I like characters with solid ranged attacks and solid close range abilities or those that can close distances easily. Samus and Link in SSBM and Zelda in SSBB are good examples. Nu in BB. I-No and Slayer in GG. You get the idea.

FPS: I do it all. Currently I'm an aggressive no scope sniper in MW2 but I enjoy being quick and mobile with an SMG or being solid and consistent with an AR. Heavy weapons? Sure!

Also it just seems that it clicks with me and female characters since they're usually the more balanced ones in games and/or have more and better customization options. So yeah I'm always that guy that defaults as a female in an MMO unless proven otherwise that the devs decided to give some love to the male characters as well.

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Fighting: I prefer characters with a long reach so I can place myself accordingly to strike. I can compensate for slowness with good strategy and I can overcome weak attacks with good placement/combos, but if I can't reach somebody, I'm fucked. Examples: Nightmare (SoulCalibur), Link (SSB)

FPS: I have Rambo syndrome and I tend to run into the line of fire and unleash a whole clip on someone or give them a dose of buckshot to the skull. Needless to say, this only works in games like Borderlands when I can sufficiently bulk up my character to survive such a feat.

Strategy: I use speed and placement to my advantage. I like fast units with excellent maneuverability so that I can hit-and-run very effectively. Sometimes I get a couple brutish units to form a line of defense or do a powerful offensive, but most of my units are lighter, faster units.

Action: ACTION GAMES WITHOUT DODGE/JUMP BUTTONS ARE STUPID. I need to have that speed to fight. Games like Prince of Persia and Assassin's Creed drive me up a goddamn wall. I much prefer Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden, Maximo, and recently Darksiders.

Racing: Its all about speed. I love a fast vehicle, regardless of grip or weight. Kodiak (we call it The Bear) in Excite Truck and the Fire Stingray in F-Zero are both somewhat difficult to drive, but their speed is unmatched.

Basically, I'm a speed junkie (except in fighting games). The faster I can move, the more time I have to plan my moves.

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Oh, and RTS:

I HATE micro, but as anyone on OCR has played me on Starcraft well knows, you don't need to micro to know how to set up a stunning Terran Base defence, nor do you need to be a military genius to remember the maxim "Strategic offence, tactical defence."

As well, I've yet to play someone who takes the tactical initiative from me, although I can lose. I am an exponent, however, of peace through superior firepower. The more things shooting at you, surely the more you die. :)

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Fighting Games: I tend to pick slower characters that are built around timing. In both SSBM and SSBB I'm a huge fan of bowser, and all my friends hate it when I pick him because I make him do the impossible (re:win) all the time. When I don't pick him, I tend to go for zone manipulators, or those who can easily move in and out of zones, or create new ones on the fly.

It's not even so much that he's slow, it's that so many people suck with him that I pick him. It's like I enjoy beating people up with the 'worst' character available. It all centers on my ability to read the opponent and having insanely good timing.

Racing games: I love traction, so in the past the characters with the best control win my heart. More recently though, the fast but barely controllable guys have been winning my heart.

Strategy: I usually go for a rounded mix, but if I know there's a weakness present in the opponent, I will exploit it. I'm famous for bunker busting. Outside of that, I'm a bit slow in reaction times because I don't always see what's going on. I'm horrid at watching mini-maps (just ask the HoN folk)

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my play style for every video game ever can be dissolved into "use your super-duper reflexes of doom". Using my quick reaction times for dodging/counterattacking/comboing (not in strict fighting game terms either) is just how i play games. Had a blast with DMC and Ninja Gaiden and games like those since they basically say "here's a super-powered acrobatic walking demon slaughterhouse. Have fun!" Even in games with unwieldy jump mechanics, I will find a way to make the system work for effective dodging.

I'm also a big fan of gag plays. Playing Captain Falcon at a Brawl party and using FALCON PAAAAAAWNCH and ONLY FALCON PAAAAAAWNCH is always fun!

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Rambo FPSer here. I'll rush you and I'm fairly accurate with my fire. Only problem is if the other person is just as accurate they'll probably have a slight advantage there. I tend to go into firefights knowing I'll get hurt, and after everyone is dead, I make my way to the health/armor pickups. This has worked very well for me in Timesplitters and Quake. I've changed that somewhat in Halo(The tactic doesn't work so well when you're practically forced to walk slowly everywhere and your enemies can heal themselves at leisure)

Oh if I know the other person has some super weapon(Rocket launchers, BFG, etc) and knows how to use it, I'll tend to approach more cautiously, though my tactic still tends to be get in close quickly and hit hard and accurate.

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I am definitely not a person who likes to "figure things out on his own". I would much rather research the tested and true techniques and learn as quickly as possible how to apply them.

If there's mathematical and empirical evidence that in fact shows that Build XYZ is in fact the best DPS under these certain conditions, then even better.

As far as FPSs go, I tend to be the Run and Gun type, where I'll duck out from behind a wall, shoot someone, and then just continue on my way (regardless of whether my intended target died or not).

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I play characters with interesting mechanics. Hell, I play GAMES with interesting mechanics.

I play Robo-Ky in Guilty Gear XX:AC, a very complex fighting game where you have FOUR gauges (Life, guard, tension, burst) .. Robo-ky has FIVE (Those + Heat).

He Generates tension (that's the super meter, SF fans) through specific actions instead of just by being aggressive. Has an extra meter measuring how close he is to overheating, some moves increase it, a few decrease it. If you're close to maxing it out, your attacks stun longer, chip more (damage when blocked) and do more damage in general, but if the meter maxes out, it causes an explosion, damaging/interrupting robo-ky and giving the opponent an opportunity to combo him.

Robo-ky's specials all consume 10% tension (unless you don't have any), and have 3 versions ... One when you have no tension, one when you have 10-49%, and one when you have over 50%. The "level 3" versions are very powerful, so once Robo-Ky gets tension, he starts steamrolling. Opponents would be wise to be aggressive so that doesn't happen.

Furthermore, one of Robo-ky's supers, "Overclock" makes him very fast, lose all heat, and cause a huge explosion after 10 seconds, which locks the enemy in stun for a good 4 seconds or so if it hits, allowing Robo to combo into a Robo-dash, a somewhat hard-to-land move which can give him 50% tension, enough to Overclock again...

Not a high (or low) tier character, but incredibly fun and quirky.

I love GG so much.

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survival/adventure/whatever the hell they're called these days

Are we talking Empire of Ages games, Starcraft, or generic RPGs?

Speaking of which, in Final Fantasy 6, I make sure the strongest party member has the Dragoon Boots. That way they can do damage and the chances of evasion are greater. I also plan to make sure that all party members have cure before I enter Kefka's Tower. It's a shame to admit, I've never beaten the game yet.

In other RPGs where there's an overworld, I spend some time leveling up just for the heck of it. It's a great excuse to cover up the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing sometimes.

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In general, I prefer playing "nimble." In fighting games, that means I prefer characters that, while perhaps aren't the fastest, are agile and respond immediately. I tend to fight in a way that sometimes gets me into bad situations, and being nimble means that my quick reaction times can sometimes get me out before the hurt comes down. In addition, I like to have options available to me. If I can switch between playstyles in the middle of a match without having to change characters/weapons/etc., that is ideal. I often change how I play in the middle of a match based on what is and isn't working against my opponent, but I also do it just to keep my opponent off-balance. The more options I have, the more ways I can screw with my opponent's mind.


Fighting - I'll go with characters that have effective short and mid-range attacks and are also quite nimble. Characters which have a variety of different attack methods are ideal; individual attack potency is less important to me than being able to strike from most any position whenever I want. Options options options.

FPS - I tend to gravitate toward the mid-range automatic weapons; they don't have the best accuracy or power, but the balance between the two is good for me; they're particularly suitable for me because they are good in almost any situation. I try to use cover whenever possible and not charge in like a maniac, but I will do that sometimes if my opponent(s) aren't aware of me initially. Also, I love bouncing grenades around rooms, corners, and just generally sowing chaos with them whenever possible.

RTS - I am very methodical about how I proceed. I generally won't move out of an area until it is secured, and I won't attack unless I have a large enough army to do significant damage in my intended target zone. I don't quite turtle, but I won't move out without good reason. I don't take risks very often. I also build a very diverse army so that I have few weaknesses to any specific type of attack. I prefer having either fast units or slow, hardy units; mid-range units just don't have either the speed or durability I like. I'll try to have the speedy units distract my enemy until I can set up my heavy units, and then let them pound the enemy while my speedy units attempt to keep the opponent away from them.

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Fighting: Speed characters like Millia (Guilty Gear), Cammy (SF2), Sonic (Brawl) are the ones I usually gravitate toward. Though sometimes I would take a slower but more powerful character, like Zelda in Melee (no, not Sheik).

Racing: High grip is usually my main requirement. I like to be able to point the vehicle in a direction and just go that way without sliding all over the damn place.

FPS: Heavy offense, usually with speedier characters (Scout or Pyro in TF2, for example). If there's a choice, I'll usually take a shotgun. Something about them is just...satisfying.

MMOs: Ranged or melee DPS, or a combination of the two if possible. Speed is the name of the game.

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