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Let's get OCR to do Sonic 4's music!


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you know, its weird... they said they were going back to their roots but it looks more like they are doing a "half way" point. Its as if they can't decide if they should do a genesis/megadrive thing, or another 3d game with better sound quality so they have decided to try and do both at once, but thats just like getting our hopes up and kicking us in the backside later :(

Lets hope they don't fuck up the gameplay of this, but tbh, I've kinda lost my faith in this game, its not going to be a true return to the classic sonic games at the rate its going.

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Sometimes I wonder if people are missing the point of OCR.

That being to remix video game music, not because you want adulation or industry recognition, but because you want to do something for fun.

I think the community's sort of lost that and everyone's being focused on doing these album projects or trying to get OCR artists to write the music for the next big-name title to come along.

Which is fine, I suppose, for some people, but for me it seems a lot like the community is becoming just another industry training camp. I'm not saying that getting hired by game developers to write the scores for their titles is a bad thing, but it shouldn't be the emphasis around which you base your decisions as a member of this community.

Come on, guys. What happened to the way things used to be? Everyone's gotten so serious and quite honestly I feel that can only hurt OCR in the long run. If or perhaps when the site finally closes I would not be surprised to see "people losing focus of what the site was originally created for" as being one of the contributing factors.

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Games of Sonic could be very fun! From Sonic 1 to Sonic and Knuckles. The thing is music are always sounds Genesis. And I herd a lot of ripped mids. With the new Sonic 4, the sound aren't sounds like Genesis anymore. So I would be more batter, if people made some random music and use it in the game.

I'm sure if we give Sega some few knocks, is not to late to publish the music. Then the credit will have names like us. Help the project!



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