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Unsung Heroes - History


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The Seventh Saga - Port City - DragonAvenger and OA

Secret of Evermore - Queens - Audio Fidelity and mystery flute player

Saga Frontier 2 - Rosenkranz - OA

Willow - Town Theme - ilp0

Legacy of the Wizard - Item Shop - Level99

Faxanadu - Church Theme - OA and Nutritious

Lufia and the Fortress of Doom - Field Motif - Avaris and Level99

Luminous Arc - Prelude - OA and DragonAvenger

The Lord of the Rings - The Shire - Brandon Strader

Bahamut Lagoon - Jojo and God Dragons - Avaris

Suikoden - Eternal Empire - Abadoss

Ghouls n' Ghosts - The Village of Decay - Vampire Hunter Dan

Y's 4 - Bronze District - Scaredsim and OA

More info later, but this is pretty much the final tracklist, and we will not be adding any more.

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Hooray for general awesomeness! Who is involved with this? No artist listing. And I assume it's full up, not accepting new artists. :-(

Yes, the project is full and this is the final listing. The artists will...be a surprise.

What are the new project rules?

This project has been in the making for a while.

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